Boldness, restricted freedom, assessment, planning, decision, dominance from another, separation, balance, goals attained, happiness, enterprise, distinction, ideas,
plans, reconciliation, reunions, ability, foresight.


The Sun

28 / 10 / 1


Courage and initiative to overcome obstacles.

28th of March to the 2nd of April

Basil is a calmative, a diaphoretic and an inflammatory.

Basil is called the ‘Royal Herb’ for Italian cooking, and can be taken as a tea for stomach upsets, for gas, colds, influenza and fevers.

The Two of Pentacles indicates form, fertility, unexpressed creativity and co-operation.

Along the Incan Trail, near the ancient city of Pacchu Micchu, there is a site called ‘Dead Woman’s Trail’ or ‘Dead Woman’s’ hill. It is said that if you stare at the outcrop of mountains for long enough, you will see the outline of an old woman lying on her back with her face towards the sky. The image in the background of the 2 of Wands card depicts and symbolizes the ‘Dead Woman’ of the Ancient Incas, who revered Mother Earth.

The Two of Wands is a card of balance and allows one the recognition of one’s full potential.

The Two of Wands represents one’s own assessment and evaluation. It allows one to see their own manifesting powers and capabilities, and shows growth and inner-wisdom. It indicates that the initial inspiration has found a tentative starting point  -  a beginning has now been formed. Much courage and perseverance will be necessary to reap the full benefit, but the initial ideas have already become firmly established.

The number 2 influences the 2 of Wands, and it brings the vibrations and energies of ambivalence, polarity, balance and mediation. Number 2 brings qualities such as grace, balance and harmony, adaptability, diplomacy, insightfulness,
decisiveness, sensitivity and flexibility to the 2 of Wands.


The Two of Wands is a number 2, and 2 in a reading indicates a period of gestation, of waiting and anticipation, and of great success in the future.

The Two of Wands indicates that the necessary preparation has been made. There is energy and strength in abundance to enable the goal to be attained.

The Two of Wands in a reading indicates that some kind of crossroads has been reached and that a choice or decision is now called for. It suggests that this is the right time for assessment and planning.

When The Two of Wands is drawn, there is a focus on relationships with others. This card indicates a need for independence and solitude.

The Two of Wands represents boldness, restricted freedom, dominance from another and separation. You may feel the need for a separation in order to feel in on control of your own destiny.

The Two of Wands appearing in a reading asks you to assert your independence and not allow others to deny you this freedom. You should not allow yourself to be drawn into something against your will. Show strength or you may regret it.

The Two of Wands in a spread may be indicating a business venture or partnership, which has security, but there is still a need to look beyond that. It tells of achievement in business and career success, and also shows a person that has the world in their hands but knows they still have something yet to do.

In regards to business and finances, if you were to cleverly yet fairly negotiate, the outcome will be favourable. In a reading, the Two of Wands tells of boldness, courage, and embarking on a new enterprise.

The Two of Wands would indicate that a letter or message will provide you with the answer to an important question to do with a contract or transition.

When the Two of Wands appears in a reading it may be indicating a tremendous ability and excellent foresight, and you are asked to persevere and have faith, trust and courage to succeed.

In a reading, the Two of Wands asks you to persevere and have courage and you will succeed in your endeavour.

The Two of Wands in a reading tells of leadership and new beginnings, of independence and perfected justice for all.  The message of the Two of Wands is ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’.

The Two of Wands appearing in a reading can indicate a lover coming into the person’s life.


Two 2s in a spread tells of a commitment or engagement.

Three Twos in a reading may be warning of an extra-marital affair.

4 TWO:
Four 2s appearing in a spread tells of looking for love in all the wrong places.

Next to The EMPRESS and/or The EMPEROR:
When the Ace of Wands appears next The Empress and/or The Emperor, it is a message that opportunities are abound and opportunity is imminent, so establish yourself and set ideas into motion. The time is fruitful  -  make the most of it.

Next to the 7 of SWORDS:
When the Two of Wands appears next to the 7 of Swords, it is an indication that unnecessary disturbances over insignificant and unnecessary situations may take place in the very near future. The message is to sort out any problems as soon as they arise.

SWORDS of all sides:
When the Two of Swords appears surrounded by Swords it is a message to get everything in order as new energies will be entering your life and it is to your advantage to be prepared in advance. You are asked to be organized and motivate to commence your project and/or long-term goal.


Sadness, self-doubt, anti-climax, conflict, trouble, fear, loss, disappointment.

Reversed, the Two of Wands tells of a need to organize and bring order to your personal life. You are asked to clarify things to prevent misunderstandings. It also tells of missing out on promotions or of being dominated by others.

The Two of Wands reversed implied that some loss of momentum brought about by self-doubt and a feeling that personal achievements have not been as valuable or fruitful as had been previously thought. There may also be a sense of anti-climax and disappointment.

Reversed, the Two of Wands may be indicating a falling out or disagreement with a colleague or associate/s.

The Two of Wands reversed indicates sadness, and tells of a real need to expand your world.

Appearing reversed in a reading, the Two of Wands may be implying that although you may feel low at this point, change is imminent and hope should not be lost.

When the Two of Wands appears reversed in a reading, it is an indication that the foundations that have been laid down are not solid and need to be checked and re-checked, and any modifications should be done prior to moving forward with faulty plans. You will not achieve the desired results if you were to proceed.

The Two of Wands appearing reversed in a spread is advising you to proceed with caution and care. It may also be telling you to have patience, as making moves or taking hasty action at this time will have an unsatisfactory or undesired result.

On a personal level, the Two of Wands reversed is a message that you need to organize and bring order to your relationships, priorities and life in general. Clarify things in order to prevent any misunderstandings.

The Two of Wands reversed is also a message not to allow anyone to dictate or dominate your mind, thinking and.or decision-making.

Joanne Walmsley

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