The Tarot is a valuable tool that enhances our creativity and problem solving capabilities. A Tarot 'spread' or 'lay’ is a particular formation of Tarot cards spread out in a definite order and sequence, to obtain esoteric insights and/or guidance. There are many different spreads which can be used and often the nature of the enquiry determines which to use. Some spreads are simple, and others are quite complex, delving into the areas of karmic responsibility and the like.

A Tarot reading gives advice and/or indicates the most likely outcome if we continue on our current path  -  but we can change the ‘story’ of the reading any time we make a conscious decision to do so. The decisions we make daily alter and change our destiny, therefore our life path and experiences are constantly changing as our soul develops.

If we receive messages in a reading that we feel are negative, we have the ability to use our free will to change it’s outcome to one we would prefer.

If we receive messages with a positive outcome, we may need to take certain steps to assure the result we would like. We have free will over our own destinies and can create the environment or life circumstance that we so choose.

Most forms of Divination, regardless of how expertly performed, are never totally accurate because we all have free will and are constantly altering our futures.

If you are emotionally involved in a situation it is advisable to ask someone to ‘read’ or do your reading for you.  When we desire a situation to be resolved in a certain way we may read into the cards what we want them to say, rather than what their real message is.

The objective of any Divination is to seek out the spiritual energies which co-relate exactly with a given phenomenon or circumstance.

If you are unsure of the meaning of some information you receive during a reading, ask your spirit guide for clarification.

The magnetic and psychic energy currents of the Earth are said to flow from North to South and back again. The esoteric ‘Seat of Authority’ is considered to be in the North.

When doing a reading, it is beneficial to line up North and South. The ‘reader’ should sit on the North side of the Tarot lay-out, facing South. The ‘client’ should be sitting on the South side of the Tarot lay-out, facing North. This alignment is the most harmonious position in regards to the Earth’s currents.

If you are using the Tarot alone you should sit facing East  -  the direction of the rising Sun.  This was considered especially beneficial by ancient scholars.

The esoteric law of magnetic alignment is not restricted to the practice of Tarot. It should be used for any kind of spiritual study and divination.


Prior to beginning a psychic reading, do a ‘Chakra Cleansing’ mediation, paying special attention to the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras, as these are the sites of psychic receptivity. 
For psychic readings to be most accurate, it is important to attune the body and still the mind.

Start your reading by saying a prayer.  This prayer can be said aloud or silently, and serves a duel purpose.  Firstly, it serves as a ‘Prayer of Protection’.  Saying a prayer and inviting holy masters, angels and archangels to watch over and assist in the proceedings, keeps lower vibrating spirits and energies away from your reading session.

Secondly, a prayer helps the center your mind in your higher-self.  It serves to remind you that it is not actually YOU who is doing the reading  -  you are merely the conduit or vessel for the messages that are coming from a higher source.  Saying a prayer also helps you to release nervousness and anxiety which can block your ability to receive psychic information.  You may also say a quick prayer asking for assistance and clarity throughout the reading. 

Many psychics burn the herb Sage or Sage  incense during their sessions, as Sage is reputed to repel unwanted spirits.

During a reading it is sometimes beneficial to hold a clear Quartz crystal in our ‘receiving hand’ (the left hand for right-handed people, and the right hand for left-handed people).  Crystals have the ability to amplify the clarity and volume of spiritual power and communication.  This is known as ‘piezoelectric’.

As a psychic, the readings and work you do must be in the direction of teaching others how to ‘hear’ their own messages through their own inner-guide.  It is part of the Lightworker’s role in awakening others to their own Divinity.


There is no one particular way to shuffle the tarot cards, and with time and practice, everyone develops their own style.

Cards falling out while shuffling the deck:

When a card falls out while shuffling the deck, it carries information relevant to the question/s being asked.  The card may either answer the most pertinent question or provide an extra perspective or angle to the reading.  Use your intuition to work out which it is, then incorporate the card’s relevance into the context of the reading or in answer to your question/s.


Giving Thanks

Upon concluding a reading, it is a good idea to give thanks and show gratitude to the spiritual supporters, helpers and aids who came to your assistance during the reading session.


Our future is not set in stone. Instead, a reading tells of a probable future based on the current train of thought and the current circumstance. If a thought pattern shifts in a significantly positive or negative way, so will their future.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


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