Karma fulfilled, work well done, new vibrations, spiritual awakening, enlightenment, rebirth, revelation, regeneration, resurrection, rewards, new plans, new purposes and new ambitions, self-assessment, progression, judgment, resurrection, music, healing, good news, revelations. 


Pluto, the Moon

Master Number 22

The Master Number 22


Collective Force

A time for reaping rewards for past actions;  time for reaching conclusions and summing up situations.

The Cross

Migratory birds

(Spiritual Animal Symbology) 


The Master for the Judgment card is the Lord Maha Chohan. The Lord Maha Chohan is also known as ‘The Lord of Civilization’, and it is his influence which stimulates those who aspire to dynamic positions of leadership within communities. The Lord Maha Chohan sends strengthening energies that will encourage and intensify positive qualities of the personality. The Lord Maha Chohan works on the 3rd Ray energy.

Within the Tree of Life on pathway 20, it connects sephira HOD (8) keyword:  splendour, to MALKUTH (10) keyword:  kingdom.

The energy of Judgment combines splendour with the ‘Kingdom of God’ (or the Universe), to allow us to emerge reborn.

Golden Seal is an alterative, a tonic, a conigogue and is used as an anti-biotic to dry up mucous discharge and to purify the blood and lymphatic system. Symbolically, Golden Seal is used for an extremely over-indulgent person  -  one who eats too many sweets, has cravings for extremes of pleasure and fun at the expense of one’s own being.

The Divinatory meaning for Golden Seal is renewal, changes, awakening to the truth and new possibilities.

Judgment combines splendour with the ‘Kingdom of God’ or the Universe, to allow us to emerge reborn.

The Judgment tarot card represents the ‘Judgment day’ or awakening call which heralds a rite of passage. As one cycle comes to an end we need to prepare for a new stage of our development, and our future is waiting.

At the end of the journey through the Major Arcana, Judgment symbolizes the appointed time in a cycle or phase when a summing up of the process is required. All the experiences gained during the journey through the Major Arcana are revalued and examined. This is a time of which actions, decisions and choices are looked at with the benefit of hindsight, to see which decisions were sound and which were not. We are well rewarded for the choices which were sound, but are required to pay the price for ill-chosen decisions. 

The Judgment card reveals the time for this final stage of purification and transformation before the completion of the journey. Judgment makes the final resolution, the completion of the karmic cycle whereby we must reap what we have sown.

The Judgment card denotes ‘karma fulfilled’, and indicates an ‘awakening’ of sorts. Judgment recognizes a change in consciousness which is now ready to blend with the Universe. Judgment opens the doors to the higher consciousness and encourages you to find your purpose.

Judgment can be rather extreme during the healing process as often we endure inherent pain whilst going through the purification process. We will, however, emerge reborn, renewed and a whole lot wiser for the experience. In order to be reborn, we must go through the death, transformation and rebirth, which is the purifying process. During this process there will be much pain, both on the physical and mental levels.

The angel depicted on the Judgment card is the Archangel Gabriel, seen blowing his golden horn. The horn is the instrument of ‘final liberation’, the symbol of the Biblical ‘Day of Judgment’. The Archangel Gabriel indicates ‘divine breath’ and ‘cosmic fire’, and is the ‘Angel of Water’.

The seven basic musical tones are seen by the seven lines radiating from the golden horn. The blast  of the horn is considered the ‘creative world’ that liberates us from our limitations.

The bodies or figures shown rising from the coffins on the Judgment card are grey in colour, indicating wisdom, and reflect our ‘past selves’, our past values which we must now confront and judge. All the rising figures show expressions of wonder, adoration and ecstasy. These bodies are emerging from the emotional waters and indicate a blending of the conscious. The scene shows the awakening of awareness and spiritual enlightenment, and represents ‘eternal life’. 

The males depicted represent the self-consciousness/subconscious, and the child is the regenerated personality.

The banner shown on the card is perfectly balanced, indicating adaptation coming in an awakening.

The mountain indicates the height of abstract thought.

Being ruled by Pluto, Judgment is to do with the illumination process, as Pluto represents death and
transformation/regeneration. Pluto is regarded as the ‘destroyer’ and the ‘re-builder’. Pluto rules the underworld and that which is hidden, including your submerged or subconscious self.

In it’s association with Scorpio, Judgment tells of transformations and the urge to merge becoming greater than the self, through merging with another. Scorpio draws energies from others, making themselves powerful simply by controlling them. The higher level of Scorpio brings forward great natural healing powers.

Linked to the Moon, Judgment tells of the ebb and flow of emotions, of the nurturing mother-figure, and of how we tend to nurture others. It tells of the place we retreat to and hide, and of our feelings, reactions and responses in life.

In it’s association with the Master Number 22, Judgment tells of the need within to be the ‘Master Builder’  -  to not only help the self, but to also help the many to build a strong, solid foundation for the future. It also encourages that you go forth and show others how to build their own strong spiritual foundations. It is not an easy pathway, but one that brings great reward.

Judgment is the number 20. The number 20 tells of spiritual insights and enlightenment, awakening, new plans, new purposes and new ambitions. These gifts are to be used for the highest purpose and you are asked to go to your higher guidance for knowledge and direction.

In a reading, Judgment tells of wonderful things beginning to happen and you are to rely upon your own judgment. Now is the time to make all the changes you desire. You are being blessed with positive cosmic energies, so make the most of them at this time.

In a reading, the Judgment card indicates that now is the time when past efforts will yield positive results and rewards.

The Judgment card will also highlight any injustices in your life and asks you to be inspired to work towards the future and accept that signs of material success will come later.

Judgment asks that you break away from conventional modes of thinking, and listen to your own intuition. It is a time to sum up your life and actions so you know where they are leading you  -  as you sow, so shall you reap.

When Judgment appears in a reading it tells of work well done. It tells of a period of gestation, of warmth and
anticipation of future successes.

Within a reading, when Judgment appears, there is a focus on change and new developments. It indicates that it is important to deal with matters that have previously been put aside in order to advance to new successes.

Judgment asks that you self-assess your life and lifestyle. It may be positive appraisal and there is an acceptance of the past and a sense of satisfaction and achievement. The future can be faced without fear or trepidation.

Judgment tells you of an imminent awakening and renewal, which brings promotions and improvements. Concentrate on goal-setting using knowledge gained from past actions carefully and accurately. 

The Judgment card often indicates that there will be significant changes  -  new relationships, new careers, new home and/or residence, renewal and spiritual development.

Judgment appearing in a spread may be indicating a legal judgment in one’s favour, and tells of a new liberation which gives you guidance and vision.

Judgment states that there is no need for unwanted ties or bonds.

Judgment appearing in a reading may indicate a change in consciousness, which is now ready to blend with the Universe.

Judgment may be indicating renewed hope and faith within a marriage or long-term relationship, and wonderful things beginning to happen.

Judgment appearing in a reading tells of making atonements to help with the smooth transition of a phase, thereby allowing a new phase to commence.

When Judgment appears it may be implying that you may be called upon as a witness; maybe jury duty or a situation involving police and/or the courts.

The Judgment card tells of an end of an era or phase in your life, and the start of a new one  -  but we can only move on after we have taken a good look at the past and forgiven ourselves for mistakes made. This is not always an easy task. In reviewing your own journey, you must review your part in the various situations in which you have found yourself throughout your life.


Loneliness, self-pity, negative attitudes, delays, confrontations, delays, postponements, hasty judgments, weakness, indecision, disputes, regrets, remorse, dissatisfaction, a fear of letting go, imbalance and imprisonment.

When Judgment appears reversed, it tells of feeling despondent, uneasy and/or lonely. Judgment reversed tells of feeling sorry for oneself. Judgment signifies change, and reversed it may indicate a feeling of regret or remorse and a feeling of dissatisfaction with the way things have turned out. This self-condemnation is damaging and usually unwarranted. Judgment asks you to accept the circumstances of what has taken place in the past and move on. Take heed of these feelings as they are a strong message.

Judgment reversed in a reading tells of wanting to leave a situation, but not knowing exactly how to escape.

Appearing reversed, Judgment may be indicating that you may be the victim of a poor decision or judgment. 

Judgment also tells of delays and postponements, and warns of the dangers of acting on hasty judgments.

Judgment reversed tells that is time to review your life, make changes and plans for the future. Judgment asks you to try new ideas so it may be advisable to change your job/career or maybe even move home to a new and different environment. Start over afresh.

Appearing reversed, Judgment asks you to not allow fear to hold you back or locked into an unsatisfactory situation. It implies that confrontations may arise from biased opinions creating conflict. It tells that you may be blaming others for your own problems, instead of applying yourself to find solutions. You are warned that procrastination prolongs the delay.

Judgment reversed may be telling of a prejudice and negative attitude which is causing unhappiness. It also implies that you are not admitting to your mistakes and this may cause you to enter into a negative period, so you are asked you confront reality right now.

The Judgment card appearing reversed may also be telling of someone who may be too involved with the spiritual aspects, and there is a need for this person to be more grounded in order for them to live realistically.

If there is a legal issue looming, the Judgment card appearing reversed in a spread may be indicating that a decision may go against you, and you may regret your previous behaviour.

Health-wise, Judgment reversed may be warning of illness and/or loneliness. Seek help and advice.

Joanne WalmsleySacred Scribes


  1. What does it mean when it's next to the Lovers card in a relationship reading?

    1. I'm still learning to read the cards, so not an expert, but as far as I know when Judgement appears next to the Lovers it can mean a positive development in an existing relationship, like taking relationship to the next level, reaching deeper, fuller connection with the partner, possibly signifying the relationship has reached the stage when engagement/ marriage/ starting a family is in a due course. Given the nature of the card it can also mean a time when you evaluate the relationship (having the benefit of the experience/ hindsight) and decide what course you want/ need it to take in the future. It describes the point in a relationship where you can see how it developed over the time and how it was shaped and influenced by your actions and decisions; possibly a good time to change what you are not happy with, or improve the relationship, bearing in mind any decisions should be based on the reflection and understanding of your experience so far- using that knowledge to your advantage, allowing you to avoid repeating mistakes.
      If reversed it could mean the relationship has run it's course and is coming to an end, or a certain stage of relationship is coming to an end, or it is simply transforming. Again, it's time to look back, evaluate, draw conclusions and learn from it.
      Hope that helps, and as I mentioned before, I'm still new at this, so if I didn't get it quite right please feel free to correct me!

  2. Can you please tell the hindi name of golden seal