Generosity, contentment, security, feasting, harmony, happiness, balance, concord, victory, success, personal satisfaction, advantage, positive energies, material gains.





8th to the 14th of October

9th to the 22nd of March

Squaw Vine is known as the ‘female tonic’ and is a diuretic, an alterative, an astringent and a parturient. Squaw Vine is used to treat most gynaecological complaints and for infertility in women. Squaw Vine is taken with Raspberry Leaf throughout pregnancy in order to prepare the womb for birth and alleviate birth pains.

The Nine of Cups speaks of attainment, accumulation, experience and completion.

The 9 of Cups is known as the ‘wish card’ of the tarot deck and is one of the most positive cards in the deck, aside from The Sun card.

The 9 of Cups indicates that your hopes, true dreams and wishes are coming to fruition and that your future is assured. The 9 of Cups always denotes that hopes, dreams and wishes will come true and worries are vanishing and new plans are materializing.

The Nine of Cups tells of physical content and fulfilment and indicates good health and a sense of wellbeing, success, achievement and satisfaction, abundance and sensual pleasures. Material gain and security are indicated when this card appears and it suggests a bright future unfolding before you. Whatever your true heart’s desires will come into your life with relative ease.

The 9 of Cups encourages the enjoyment of success and good fortune … although remember to maintain an attitude of gratitude for your good tidings.

Being the number 9, the 9 of Cups tells of realizing your ideals and aspirations. The IX of Cups relates to the number 49 / 4 and represents transformation, responsibility and hard work. This energy brings with it an auspicious cycle of satisfaction on all levels.

The IX of Cups implies good health, contentment and fulfilment, and suggests that one’s worries will disappear and new plans will materialize. There is scope for financial and material gains when the 9 of Cups appears.

9s in a reading indicates the completion of events and that there is a focus of harmony and balance.

The IX of Cups indicates a time when your actions will revolve around emotions and suggests a time of pleasure and satisfaction. Emotional joy and happiness are also indicated by the Nine of Cups. 

The IX of Cups is the ‘wish card’ and its position in the spread is of importance as it may indicate that your wishes may come true and something that you have worked hard towards is coming to fruition. A long cherished dream may finally be realized. The 9 of Cups tells of great happiness surrounding you, and implies that your goals will be attained.

The IX of Cups in a reading implies that your worries and cares are behind you at this time. New plans are materializing so you have some work to do and new achievements to look forward to.

The 9 of Cups is an extremely positive card to draw in a reading as it indicates that you are overwhelmed by a feeling of complete happiness on all levels. It may also be indicating that an enterprise undertaken has come to a successful conclusion.

The 9 of Cups indicates material gains and reaping the rewards for hard work well done in the past and tells of satisfaction with one’s personal achievements.

An overall feeling of contentment and wellbeing in domestic affairs is indicated by the 9 of Cups, and there is a great deal of happiness and generosity indicated and celebrating or spending time with loved ones is implied, bringing with it inner-contentment and a solid sense of security. There are deep feelings of love and companionship, with positive energies all around.

The Nine of Cups implies emotional contentment and the satisfaction of knowing that your brightest dreams will be fulfilled. You are asked to make the most of this very positive time and use your good fortune to help others whose fortunes have not been as positive or auspicious. Generosity and kindness bring their own rewards.

The 9 of Cups also suggests that success depends upon your motivation and enthusiasm. You are asked to allow old conditions and out-moded ideas to transform into new ones.

Health-wise, the appearance of the IX of Cups in a spread indicates good health and general wellbeing.

2 Nines:

Two Nines appearing in a reading suggests a house move and/or a change of address.

3 Nines:
Three Nines implies good luck and/or a surprise windfall.

4 Nines:
Four Nines appearing together in a reading suggests that your brightest hopes, dreams and wishes will be fulfilled.

The 9 of Cups surrounded by MAJOR ARCANA Cards:
The IX of Cups is always considered to be a ‘YES’ or ‘WISH’ card, implying that your wishes will come to positive fruition.  It brings a message that plans are materializing as you wish them to and your hard work is paying off.

Within a spread, when the IX of Cups appears it is important to take account of the meanings and messages of all the Major Arcana cards surrounding it as this will give an indication of how your success will come about.


Complacency, false optimism, poor judgement, mistakes, errors, imperfections, vanity, a lack of humility.

Reversed, the 9 of Cups implies that you may be becoming complacent because all is going well at this time.

The IX of Cups appearing reversed warns you that all may not be as it seems. Situations may not be as secure as you assume and friendships not as close as you may like.

The reversed Nine of Cups indicates that you may have been selfish and careless in victory, leading to mistakes being made. It may also be an indication that your wishes will not be coming to fruition at this time.

Appearing reversed, the Nine of Cups may be telling of insufficient funds for a personal need or project, or that your plans will not go accordingly due to insufficient funds. You will have to wait for more auspicious circumstances and better timing.

When the 9 of Cups appears reversed in a tarot spread it may be a warning to be careful of what you wish for as you just may get it. This card reversed is warning you to be careful about what you ask for  -  be absolutely positive of what you really want.

Reversed, the 9 of Cups can indicate that something or someone is directly interfering with the good fortune that is meant to be heading your way. This may be from within the self, or from an outside source. A reluctance to enjoy the moment, fears of future poverty and fears of success may all be present.

Appearing reversed, the IX of Cups may be indicating a minor illness or a feeling of depletion to do with your diet and lifestyle choices. It may also be an indication that you may need to look into diet and health issues.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. I have been single for a long time-now,through choice as I seek solid union,I asked will this man be in my life soon and the 9 of cups showed upright with the king of wands reversed-either way I believe that this predicts my wish will come true.

  2. This card showed up on my seat, during a reading, I did not notice until I got up. I was sure to make note of the card and am trying to piece together the possibilities here. any help? my reading was 100% positive, which leaves me to assume that the card was not meant to be received in it's reverse. If anyone reading has some deeper knowledge I would be open to your interpretations. Kate Powell (Wpg,MB)