Authority, responsibility, structure, reason, society, peace, experience, knowledge, strength, wisdom, stubbornness, maturity, self-mastery, power, conviction, protection, stability, will, leadership, taking action, competence.




A need to make something solid; to concretize an idea; to build something with a firm structure.

The Square

(Spiritual Animal Symbology) 


The Ruling Master of The Emperor is the Master El Moreya

Master El Moreya helps direct those wishing to achieve self-awareness so that they may learn how to express their deep inner thoughts and feelings.

The Master El Moreya assists in stimulating those who initially may find some difficulty in realizing the need to accept spiritual enlightenment. 

The Master El Moreya helps in the control of one’s willpower and tolerance when life seems difficult.

The Master El Moreya offers his influences to those interested in Astrology and Numerology and watches over the numbers 4, 13, 31 but not 22. He works on the 1st Ray of ‘will’ and his influence stimulates those who desire to expand their level of awareness.

Within the Tree of Life of Pathway 4, it connects
TIPHARETH (6) keyword: Beauty to CHOKMAH (2) keyword:  wisdom

The energy of The Emperor combines beauty with wisdom to provide the masculine characteristics. Although The Emperor rules authoritively, he posses the required wisdom to make sound decisions. He also possesses an inherent sense of grace to enable him to communicate tactfully to those in a subordinate position.

The herb associated with The Emperor is Atractylodes. It is a carminative, diuretic and tonic. The root of Atractylodes is used for increasing the power of digestion and for increasing personal energy. It also reduces abdominal bloating and gas.

Symbolically, Atractylodes is used for difficulty in assimilating ideas and/or situations.  It is also used to aid a weak digestion and elimination.

Divinatory-wise, Atractylodes gives one the power or organization. It can also be used for protection, and tells of greatness and importance achieved.

As the complement to the Empress, the Emperor represents the father figure reigning through wisdom, order, authority, power, and control. Thus he embodies the material world, structure, and order, and balances the Empress' abundance and pure instinct.

On an emotional level, the Emperor tarot card symbolizes confirmation of established feelings, tightening of links among beings, and self-respect.

The Emperor sits in a hard and cold environment with a stern expression on his face. He represents masculine power and fatherly responsibilities.

The Emperor is a wise man who is well in control of himself. He relies upon his own intellect when making decisions and is not easily influenced by others. He is someone who is well-respected by others and most often holds a position of power and authority.

The Emperor symbolizes the aspect in man which pushes him to build material constructions and make his creations solid. He guides the ambition which drives us to strive and to succeed. The Emperor reflects the essence of masculine energy, the driving impulse to create, to impart form and structure. His energy is forceful, dynamic and life-giving.

The Emperor is a man with the natural instincts and abilities to be a loving, responsible father, as he is protective and compassionate. The Emperor is a symbol of fathering and fatherhood. He has strong willpower with the ability to be caringly authoritative. He is realistic, therefore a successful business person who is open to suggestions and advice and gladly gives credit to those who work with or for him. The Emperor is a kind man, fair in his dealings with others and is very law abiding.

The Emperor shows great persistence and tenacity in the face of adversity and indicates focus, willpower and intentions and gives the energy to get tasks done.

The Emperor has within him the ancient wisdom from Ancient Egypt. He has with him the Ankh and the Globe, which are the Egyptian symbols of life and dominion. The staff or globe he holds also indicates his power in the spiritual realm.

The Emperor sits on a throne which is fronted by two ram’s heads, indicating an association with the astrological sign of Aries.

The Emperor sits on a throne of grey, representing wisdom and solidarity. 

The gold crown worn by The Emperor represents wisdom. 

The armour worn by The Emperor represents the qualities of strength, authority, achievement, leadership and self-mastery. 

The Emperor's white beard tells of experience, control and direction.

With the influence of Jupiter, the planet of expansion on all levels, The Emperor asks you to look at how you want to grow and improve yourself through the experiences you have in life, and allow the experience to take place.

Scorpio, being related to The Emperor, brings in the influences to want and need to grow and transform with wisdom. Scorpio’s key phrase is, ‘I seek myself through what I desire’.

The Emperor is connected to the number 4, which tells of hard work and building solid foundations. The 4 energy propels one to very quietly, yet firmly, get their own way in any situation.  It tells of a need to always look deeply at the answers or advice given to others, as it may also apply personally.

The combination of the energies of the number 4, coupled with the vibrations of The Emperor, promotes one to work towards harmony, responsibility and discipline. The 4 energy brings with it structure and an organized plan and also depicts the energies of high standards, honesty and courage.

The symbol of the number 4 is the square. The square is the symbol of law, system and order. Both the number 4 and The Emperor symbolize stability and structure on the material plane of matter. 

The Emperor asks us to explore the order of higher planes and to learn how responsibility and discipline affects law and order on the Earthplane.

The Emperor has the ability to formulate ideas from a particular standpoint, and to effectively translate them into reality.

The stable leadership and authority of the Emperor are not to be questioned. The Emperor reminds us that rational thought, willpower, and fearlessness yield recognition and achievement in general. Through strength he creates and builds material things, families and communities, and gives them foundation and structure.

When The Emperor appears in a reading it may be indicating that it is most important to retain inner-balance to be able to rely upon oneself.

The Emperor card is number 4, and 4’s in a reading indicate the realization of one’s goals, and there is a focus on definite changes that will be obvious in your life.

The Emperor appearing in a reading may be indicating a connection to a position or figure of authority and could suggest that there is an opportunity to take control over others.

When The Emperor appears in a reading, it may be indicating that this is a time when new opportunities will present themselves, and if these opportunities have solid foundations, they should bring success. It tells you to act without delay  -  but allow for change and be willing to adapt accordingly.

Inferiority, resentment, frustration, dominance, stubbornness, immaturity, obstruction, hastiness, impulsiveness, manipulation, unrest, misunderstandings, arguments.

The Emperor reversed tells of immaturity and a lack of ambition. The person involved only has themselves to blame for this loss of position either at work or in the community, because of their mis-use or abuse of power or position. 

Reversed, The Emperor’s constant need to dominate situations, including relationships, reveals the true extend of his insecurities. At times he may even show violence. He has unrealistic expectations and ambitions that are most often unfulfilled, making him overly critical of others. When making decisions, he is often indecisive and petty. This man shows his hypocrisy by giving little but expects much in return.

When The Emperor appears reversed in a reading, it indicates that a positive direction is desperately needed as there is a distinct lack of self-discipline and control.

The Emperor, when reversed in a tarot spread, tells you to be wary of someone around you who is self-motivated for their own gain. They may try to ‘use’ you or take something from you. It warns about someone with ulterior motives. There is a possibility of being defrauded, mislead or deceived. Remain alert at this time.

The Emperor is indicative of someone who can be pig-headed and stubborn in a current situation. This person may become a burden to you.

The Emperor reversed indicates someone who may feel so in control of themselves that they do not allow any of their energies to expand. In effect, they shut themselves off from positive opportunities.

When reversed, The Emperor implies that there is some exaggeration or inflation of the facts. 

Negatively, The Emperor reversed may be implying greed. 

The reversed Emperor tells of failure to control the emotions and a need for self-discipline. Think clearly and concisely before putting current plans into action as your emotions are ruling your decisions and this may lead to unsatisfactory results.

When The Emperor appears reversed it may be implying that you are uncomfortably bearing the weight of responsibility. Balance out your load more evenly.

Reversed, The Emperor indicates that you may be wasting a great deal of energy at this time by acting without thought and causing arguments and unrest.

The Emperor reversed in a reading suggests one who is over-critical, arrogant and impatient. He can bring negativity and trouble into your life. Heed the warning.

Reversed, The Emperor tells of an abuse of authority. This person may be considered a ‘control freak’. The reversed Emperor indicates a problem connected with control, possibly to do with a father-figure or domineering husband or partner, or some other difficulty in a personal relationship.

In a negative situation this card can mean despotism, tyranny, self-righteousness, and hampering of any progress.

Appearing reversed, The Emperor may indicate a hostile attitude towards authority and governance which may be nurturing resentment and rebellion.

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    I feel closer to the positive qualities of this card more then the negative. Meditation & Giving negate the negative side as I have gathered.
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