The subject of time and/or timing in relation to the Tarot is one which has always been considered difficult to pinpoint exactly, although the ancient Masters had no hesitation in using the symbols to determine time frames.

In order to determine time or timing accurately, you must have inner balance and harmony in your life. When we become more spiritually balanced we will become more sensitive to and aware of ‘time’ as we know it on the Earthplane. 

Timing is often influenced by the client. A strong ‘positive’ attitude can produce an effect upon the cards that can result in a ‘premature’ time factor. A strong ‘negative’ attitude can produce an effect on the cards that can result in a ‘delayed’ time factor.

When using spreads, the date is usually determined by the fifth card in the reading. In spreads that have more than five cards, it is generally the fifth card that signifies the timing or time frame. If the spread only uses three cards, count to the third card, then return to the first card (which becomes number four) and then the second card (which becomes the fifth card). 

The seasons of the year are indicated by the four Aces of the four suits, and are considered the ‘Season cards’ for this reason.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

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