Deep contemplation, dissatisfaction, disappointment, disillusionment, sadness, resignation. 





Executive Power and Ability.

2nd to the 7th of October

17th to the 27th of February

Gravel Root is a tonic and a diuretic which is used to help dissolve urinary stones. It is used to treat urinary weakness and both excessive and lack of urine.

The Eight of Cups tells of earthly progress, judgment, regeneration, power and ability.

The 8 of Cups is a card of rhythm. It tells of the emotional traveller, looking for what he is yet to find. 

Symbolically, it indicates the need for him to go within and find the missing link/s. It tells of a time to move on and look for other options and alternatives.

The eclipsed Moon represents a journey into the unknown.

The 8 of Cups tells of the ability to sense and know that this is a time to find oneself. It tells of a need to find a deeper meaning to life and indicates one who has a need for spiritual fulfilment. The 8 of Cups shows that one is tired of the old ways, and is disappointed and dissatisfied with their progress so far.

The 8 of Cups gives the impression of an emotional traveller who is seeking balance and the deeper meaning of life.

The 8 of Cups can sometimes symbolize the abandonment of the will to strive for success, and leaving it all behind in order to take a break away from mundane, day to day concerns. The time taken out or away can mean an ending to an uncomfortable or unsavoury situation. It may lead to a new quest or adventure. Severing one’s self from the past allows for progress to different, newer and deeper things and gives one a clear, new perspective. It is a time of emotional cleansing, and when this occurs it breaks open the way for all sorts of possibilities.

The VIII of Cups brings a message that abandonment must often be heart-felt for any positive change to occur. One must be prepared never to return to a situation should things not change.

The 8 of Cups can be a sign to turn away from material successes and choose to take a different path, most often a spiritually based one.

The VIII of Cups asks you to attempt to penetrate the hidden mysteries and to respond to the inner urge for something higher to manifest. You are asked to use your accomplishments to search and find new horizons to the spiritual realm.

The message of the VIII of Cups is that change is necessary.

Being the number 8, the VIII of Cups represents power, authority, expansion, right and wrong, good and bad and courage.

The Eight of Cups relates to the number 48 / 3 and tells of creativity.

8s in a reading are generally very positive and represent positive changes and implies that there is a focus on the completion of events.

The presence of the 8 of Cups indicates that the decision has been made to move on and leave the past behind. You may have been caught up in events or were/are involved in a situation that may have been complicated and costly. You may cut all ties with the events, and will not give them a thought once they are in the past.

The 8 of Cups in a reading implies that something of importance is missing from one’s life and tells of the quest of finding inner-contentment and purpose.

The Eight of Cups speaks of having both emotional and material stability at present, but there is a need within to find a deeper level of contentment. A drastic, sweeping change may be called for to satisfy this longing.

Appearing in a reading, the 8 of Cups implies that long-laid plans have come to a halt and you may feel stuck. It may be indicating the decline of matter, slight consequences, withdrawal and/or abandonment. This may prompt you to try something new. Think carefully before going back to established plans as you may wish to abandon them entirely or amend and adapt your goals to suit the situation better.

The Eight of Cups appearing in a reading suggests that it is a time to accept and move on in your life. There is a need to venture into unexplored territories to find deeper fulfilment.

The 8 of Cups tells of a need to find spiritual fulfilment. It asks that you evaluate your life and lifestyle choices, then make the appropriate changes. The Eight of Cups indicates that the ‘old ways’ are no longer working for you and it is time to make some sweeping changes. Once you have made the decision to move on, your attention will turn to seeking happiness and fulfilment. You will feel that a load has been lifted and you will be filled with renewed enthusiasm and optimism.

The 8 of Cups, when it appears in a reading, is an indication that a new interest is on its way into your life. This could be by way of personal relationships or the exciting experience of new knowledge gained.

The Eight of Cups may be indicating that plans of the past may not be relevant today and new plans will need to be made, which in turn will leave the past behind.

Positive changes within your personal relationships will bring you a stress-free and harmonious time. The VIII of Cups indicates an overall improved perspective in many areas of your life.

The 8 of Cups indicates a situation where the only solution is to let go entirely. Regardless of how much energy or effort has been put into it, if it is still not working the only option is to abandon it. Do not waste any more of your time effort.

The 8 of Cups carries with it a sense of sadness, resignation and acceptance.

2 Eights:
Two 8s appearing in a reading implies that there may be a slight concern in regards to a new romance, relationship or partnership.

3 Eights:
Three Eights in a spread tells of anxiety, hassles, obstacles and delays.

4 Eights:
Four 8s appearing in a reading tells of confusion and confrontation caused by forces beyond your control.

Next to The MAGICIAN:
Appearing next to the Magician, the 8 of Cups tells of someone who has within his grasp the ability to reach his goals.

When the VIII of Cups appears next to the Magician in a reading it is informing you that you have the ability to reach your full potential. It also asks that you think and consider very carefully before making any important or major decisions. 

Do not allow others to sway or hinder you, as only you know what is right for you.  Stick to your guns!

Next to The HERMIT:
The Eight of Cups appearing next to The Hermit tells of inner-realization and positive self-analysis. Inner-joy is your reward.

You are asked to move forward in your life and to let issues of the past heal. Do not dwell on difficulties, hardships or perceived barriers, as this will hinder your progress.

Placed next The Hermit tarot card, the 8 of Cups shows a realization of potentials, unseen opportunities and inner-joy.

Next to The CHARIOT:
The 8 of Cups appearing next to The Chariot in a tarot spread is a warning not to get involved in unnecessary gossip, uncomfortable situations or behave in a judgmental way. Instead, focus on yourself, your goals and aspirations, and channel your energies towards your own success.

Placed next to The Chariot, the Eight of Cups asks that you contain yourself, and direct your focus and energies towards achieving your goals and aspirations.


Great joy, happiness, material success, feasting.

The 8 of Cups appearing reversed indicates uncertainty about the future and indecision about which direction to head in. Some serious thought and soul-searching is needed at this time.

The VIII of Cups reversed implies dissatisfaction, disappointment and disillusionment and feeling dejected, rejected and defeated. Re-assess your position, then make alternative arrangements or amend plans accordingly.

The reversed 8 of Cups tells of temptations to pursue temporary distractions even though all is well at home.Appearing reversed, the 8 of Cups tells of putting emotional security at risk; believing that the grass is greener on the other side.

The reversed Eight of Cups may be indicating that your interests and priorities lay within the material realm. The reversed 8 of Cups may be implying that money is desperately needed at this time, and you must be willing to put your efforts and hard work into attaining it.

The 8 of Cups reversed may be indicating that changes need to be made in regard to your attitude and lifestyle. Be sure of your choices and decisions before undertaking these changes.

When the VIII of Cups appears reversed it is an indication that situations may take a negative turn. Sweeping changes need to be made in your life when the 8 of Cups appears reversed. Once this is done, positive energies will usher into your life and lighten your attitude.

Reversed, the VIII of Cups is a message to do with ‘changes’ and it is indicated that you need to view a situation or issue from all angles before making any major changes in your life.

It is not a good time to move home or travel when the 8 of Cups appears reversed in a reading. 

When the 8 of Cups appears reversed in a reading it is an indication that something or someone is preventing the facilitation of introspection. This can be due to circumstances or by the actions of another person (or people) … or can be due to the individual not wanting to face the facts as they are and deal with them.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. i pulled this card yesterday, know i am breathless and very impressed with the dead on accuracy thank you so much

  2. Can this card be a card of romantic loyalty ? I read on one website that in the first card position it represents the journey of the faithful heart.