Focused will, creation, creativity, everything is possible, manifestation, skill, diplomacy, ability, confidence, communication, subtlety, self-confidence, work, new beginnings, activity and overwork.







New skills and potentials available and opportunities and adventures unfolding.



The Ruling Master of The Magician card is the Master Hilarion. He watches over the 1 (one) energy and his energy stimulates the mental facilities. Master Hilarion's vibratory colour is bright yellow

The Master Hilarion offers help to those who may have transgressed to the depths of degradation. Master Hilarion helps through cleansing and healing the physical, mental and emotional selves.

The Master Hilarion works on the energy of the 5th Ray, and gives these energies to those born on the 10th, 19th and 28th of the months, as well as those born in January and October.

On the trestleboard of the Cabala, and within the Tree of Life (Yggdrasil), Pathway 1 connects sephira Kether (1) keyword: understanding, with Binah (3) keyword: crown

The energy of The Magician combines understanding with creativity to give us the necessary tools needed to manifest and create our own realities.

Astragalus is the herb associated with The Magician. It is a herb of creativity and is a digestive and a diuretic. It is the most powerful of herbal immune tonics.

Symbolically, Astragalus is used to aid poor assimilation of food and drink, as well as ideas and notions. It is also useful for weakness, fatigue and sluggishness and aids those who have a tendency to feel the cold.

The Divine meaning is creativity, unlimited possibilities and the ability to undertake whatever one decides.

The Magician represents the energies of the Universe.

As the archetype of the masculine principle, the Magician represents someone who is able to achieve his goals through his creative abilities and his skills in using the tools available to him.

The Magician symbolizes the beginning of something when everything is possible. It can be a start of a new relationship, the birth of a new idea or creative project, or a financial strategy. The Magician is a confident person realizing his full potential by taking positive action and focusing his attention and energies to the task at hand. This includes employing magic.

The message of the Magician is to learn to go within and use your Divine powers. We must learn to know ourselves, and we must know our true desires by delving deep within, then laying them out and believing that all is possible for those who have faith.

The Magician card is one of the ‘intellect’. 

One hand of The Magician is gripping a wand (that of the ‘ego consciousness’) and pointing it upwards to the heavens, and the other is pointing down, signifying the drawing of power from a higher source, and directing it towards practical, earthly matters. The hand pointing to the Earth tells of the joining of spirit and matter and of bringing things to fruition. He has the ability and skill to direct energies.

As well as indicating the skill to direct energies, The Magician indicates charm, articulacy, and the ability to lead others.

The red outer robes of the Magician indicates material desires, creativity and passion. The Magician’s white robes depict spirituality within the person.

The entwined serpent depicted in the Magician card represents transmutation, transformation and eternity.

The flowers and green growth indicate the spiritual energies within all things.

The Lemniscate, which symbolizes both eternity and infinity in occult teachings, can be easily seen over the head of The Magician. It depicts ‘cosmic consciousness’. The Lemniscate is the symbol of ‘everlasting life’ … no beginning and no end … always was and always will be. The Lemniscate indicates someone who is an ‘old soul’ who has had many and varied past lives. They have learned from the lessons of the past, and now have all the tools needed on this earth for this lifetime.

The Magician depicts a person who craves excitement, but who also has a desire to do things the ‘right’ way and to help many others. The Magician is one who continually walks within Divine essence, whilst being a part of the Earthplane.

The Magician tells of wisdom, skill and strength of character, and using all aspects of your knowledge in practical ways to overcome obstacles and ensure the most suitable and successful outcome or result.

The Magician gives one the power of choice  -  you are not locked into any situation; assistance is given by your male spirit guide/s.

On an inner level, The Magician acts as a guide between the conscious daylight world and the dark hidden unconscious recesses of the psyche. He brings to light knowledge which is unknown to conscious minds. He may appear as a flash of intuition which often defies logic, and yet is accurate. We often find ourself acting against our instincts and doing what is rationally acceptable, usually with unsatisfactory results. If we have the courage to listen to the dictates of The Magician within us, the benefits can be richly rewarding. When we are in tune with The Magician within life does not seem quite so perilous.

The Magician stands for the inner-guide who firmly yet kindly prompts us to develop and fulfil our potential. He offers us opportunities in the areas of emotions (Cups), creative imagination (Wands), the intellect (Swords) and of the material world (Pentacles). The four symbols laid out on the table before The Magician represent the tools he offers us to aid in exploring these four realms of experience.

Intuitive powers and psychic abilities are reflected by The Magician  -  the sixth sense  -  the part in you which ‘knows’ on a deep level that which your conscious mind can barely glimpse.

The Magician, being related to the number 1, tells of new beginnings and changes. The number 1 denotes leadership and independence. It tells of new starts and new actions that will take self-reliance and determination. Leadership takes courage, strong willpower and decisiveness in all areas, so that the goal can be achieved. The number 1 is considered is masculine and introverted. The ruling planet of the number 1 is the Sun, and it is related to the star sign Aries. The number 1 is the ‘dot’.

The influences of Aries, the Cardinal Fire sign, and Mercury (Air), may indicate some health problems pertaining to stress, tension and headaches.

Being ruled by Mercury, the Magician represents magnetism and strength and a natural ability to understand. Mercury brings with it a dynamic energy, strong instinctive abilities, agility and skill. Mercury is a planet of transition.

Often, when the Magician appears in a spread it indicates that you are heading in the right direction. Use your will and courage and have faith and a positive attitude to bring about what you want and need. Know that you are well-blessed and that everything is possible through the power of a higher source. You have all the tools you require to succeed in this lifetime. Use them wisely. The Magician asks that you act to realize your desires and ambitions.

When the Magician appears in a reading it may be telling of a suitable new job or career opportunity for you in which you will use your vast skills, talents and abilities.

The Magician depicts a person of authority who brings with him the power to do good. In a reading, this may be indicating that you may receive help, assistance and advice from someone in your life fitting the description of The Magician.

The Magician appearing in a reading may also represent assistance from spiritual guides, therefore, all things are possible. Other aspects are self-expression and learning new skills or trades.

When The Magician appears in a reading it tells that one has the ability to get ahead in life as long as they realize that obstacles are there to be overcome.

When The Magician appears in a reading it may be indicating an upsurge of energy, awareness of exciting new opportunities and unexplored possibilities. The Magician makes it clear that journeys do happen.

The Magician asks that you always be concerned with making connections with others, remaining aware that your opinions are your own.

The Magician tells us that the use of words is of great importance, therefore any correspondence should be entered into with high ethics  -  otherwise negative connotations may inhibit ‘soul growth’.

In a spread, The Magician appearing may be a message for you to seek advice from someone who is a specialist within their field to ensure that you obtain the correct information and advice to ensure your success.

When the Magician appears in a reading, pay extra attention to the cards around the Magician as they hold the key to what is beginning and why. You must then follow your intuition in order to find the best course of action.

Lack of ability, poor communication, unreliability, manipulation, treachery, exploitation, self-deceit, disgrace, lies, mis-use of power, a tricky situation.

When the Magician appears reversed in a reading, it may be indicating an abuse of power and the use of manipulating words and actions to suit one’s own selfish wants and needs. There are hidden truths and possible deceit, so look deeper into a situation.

The Magician tells of someone who may be behaving dishonestly and is quite the trickster and manipulator in an important situation. Someone maybe exploited by another, or someone is trying to shift the balance of blame. You are warned to remain aware.

The Magician, reversed, may be implying that you are not applying yourself to the job at hand and you will not achieve anything positive unless your attitude is changed.

The reversed Magician card may also be telling of a lack of will-power and motivation. The Magician reversed indicates the inability to turn thought into action at this time. This is due to poor leadership and communication skills, and the lack of experiences and confidence. It also implies that you are unable to cope within a situation and you are allowing obstacles to stop and hinder you.

When The Magician appears reversed in a spread it may be indicating a lack of faith in the self which allows you to produce or accept poor workmanship, deceit or cunning. 

The reversed Magician may be implying that remaining blind to a situation and clinging to the past is causing you to stagnate, which leaves you feeling drained and lethargic and with no sense of personal direction. Hence, a cheat or swindler would find you an easy target at this time so do not sign any documents or commit yourself either by word or deed. Do not part with money for any schemes for at least the following four to six weeks. Give yourself time to think with clarity before you take action.

The Magician appearing reversed may be telling of a mis-use or abuse of power or skill for destructive or negative ends, and a mis-use of superior talents.

On the negative side, when the Magician appears reversed in a tarot spread it represents egotism, treachery, and overconfidence, thereby misleading others into making wrong choices.

Joanne Walmsley

Sacred Scribes

- The Vibration and Energy of Numbers



  1. Magician is related to the letter "Beth" or "B" in the Hebrew letter set. Without a doubt the principal articulation of the Bible is "Bereshith."

    "Bereshith" implies at the beginning.

    The essential letter of the letters all together for the Hebrews is the Aleph, anyway it isn't the key letter of the Bible. Aleph stays outside and before the spark of creation. The "B" is the beginning. That is the power of the Magician.

  2. What is that sign at the bottom of the card, the right corner? I can see this sign on the all tarot cards that are uploaded in this website but the fool. What does it mean? What is it?

    1. It's Pamela Coleman-smiths signature. She was the artist of the cards