Advice, learning, wisdom, teaching, established religions, inner-learning, intuition, intelligence, power, protection,
morality, tradition, orthodoxy, organizations and establishments, religious bodies, corporations, conventionality, captivity, servitude, marriage, alliance, commitments, school, blessing, ritual, marriage, acting.







The 5 pointed star


(Spiritual Animal Symbology) 


The Ruling Master of The Hierophant is the Master Serapis Bey. The Master Serapis Bey encourages and stimulates creative ideas and thoughts to those involved in the architectural, artistic, musical and theatrical fields. His energy motivates one to express their creativity.

Master Serapis Bey dispenses energies to those who work harmoniously with nature, and the healing of the Earth’s
environment. The Master Serapis Bey helps those who are spiritually intoned to nature.

Master Serapis Bey encourages ‘sensitives’ who find difficulty or conflict with their masculine/feminine gender,
to be true to themselves, regardless of what others may think or say.

The Master Serapis Bey watches over the numbers 5, 14 and 23, as well as those born in May. He works on the
energy of the 4th Ray, and helps to influence and aid in the expansion of mental activity.

Within the Tree of Life, on Pathway 5, it connects sephira

CHOKMAH (2) keyword:  wisdom to CHESED (4) keyword: beauty

The energy of The Hierophant combines wisdom with beauty to provide the traditional pathway to religion by way of
churches, groups and other similar institutions. Although we inherently possess everything we need to connect with the
Universal energies (i.e. God), some prefer to give their power over to an intermediary because then they are able to hand
over responsibility for their actions (or so they may believe).

Sage is a carminative and an aromatic. It can be used in cooking to prevent gas and indigestion. Sage leaves strengthen and heal in the treatment of both chronic and acute diseases. Sage leaves are burned as incense during religious ceremonies amongst ancient and today’s Native American Indians. 

Symbolically, Sage is used for contacting the spiritual side of one’s nature. Sage is also used to cleanse and repel negative energies by burning the leaves and wafting the smoke over oneself and in one’s environment.

Sage is used to stimulate inner-awakening and growth, and its Divinatory meaning is for inner-guidance, spiritual guidance and to teach.

The Hierophant was an ‘initiating’ priest in ancient Greece, and on The Hierophant Tarot card he is depicted as giving
advice to two figures in the foreground under his authority. Originally, The Hierophant signified the seeking of religious guidance, but today, it represents all forms of guidance where the person giving advice is in a position of authority. Such authority figures include doctors, lawyers, professional counsellors, teachers and tutors and the like.

As a representation of a priest, The Hierophant (or Pope) represents traditional values and moral development. He is the wise teacher or counsellor guiding groups or collectives on their path in search for spiritual truth or meaning.

Although this Tarot card describes that he is linked to the church, the Hierophant signifies not only organized religion, but also a focus on groups in general, such as schools, teams, companies and the like, and any group with fixed roles and assigned responsibilities and duties.

The Hierophant is a symbol for rules, procedures, structure, and ritual, creating harmony within groups so they can find
identity and progress as a whole.

The Hierophant vibrates to all areas of freedom and change and dislikes being bound, tied-down and/or disciplined in the
outer-world. He needs the freedom to express himself fully.

The Hierophant is an image of the quest for spiritual satisfaction and meaning in life. His quest for greater understanding of the inner world is direct and straight forward. Depicted as a religious figure in ceremonial vestments he interprets secret mysteries, Divine law and theological doctrine.

The Hierophant’s energy is masculine, outgoing and assertive. The Hierophant is most often someone who can be quite unconventional and/or alternative.

The Hierophant influences relationships of all kinds. He tells of one who is conservative in their views and has traditional
beliefs and a deep respect for discipline.

The Hierophant is the spiritual teacher who seeks to find a connection between the world of men and that of the gods. He is a ‘bridge builder’, forging the link between our material and spiritual worlds. Thus, the ancient word ‘pontifex’ or ‘maker of bridges’, was used to designate a priest.

The Hierophant offers many alternatives and choices which can be considered on an intellectual as well as spiritual level.

The Hierophant is accessible through word, book, lecture or service. The options open to us are set out more lucidly and
we can thus begin to formulate your own personal philosophy.

The Hierophant is a person who has a great deal of spiritual wisdom to impart to others. He must allow himself to grow
and expand. He can, at times, be quite stubborn and exasperating.

The Hierophant has the abilities of the ‘healer’ – if he chooses to use them.

The Hierophant is interested in religions and inspirations and he has a great inner-wisdom. He indicates intuition and

inner-learning and one who is analytically intelligent.

The Hierophant can depict an organization or establishment that is set in its way, with no opening for change.

The Hierophant can indicate someone who prefers to ‘belong’ for the sake of belonging, and who, at times, views outside appearances as most important. This person likes to impress. The Hierophant indicates someone who has an underlying desire to be liked by all.

The fingers of The Hierophant are held up in a sign of blessings from a higher source.

The grey pillars depicted in The Hierophant card symbolize wisdom.

The Hierophant wears a golden crown, which represents spirituality and wisdom. The three tiers on this crown
represent the Pope. On top of the crown is the letter W, which is Hebrew for VAV, indicating a birth or union.

The three crosses depicted on The Hierophant’s tunic represent the Trinity  -  the three-fold energies of the Universe. The symbol of 3 on The Hierophant’s staff denotes the realm of spirit, soul and body.

The Hierophant holds a triple-cross sceptre in his left hand. The seven rounded points of the sceptre are seen as the ‘seven deadly sins’ of Christianity.

The keys represent the solar and lunar energies, and the symbol of Venus is displayed on the top key.

The colour blue around The Hierophant’s throat indicates intuitive speaking, and healing within his words and/or advice.

The Hierophant’s white feet with the X’s represents the male/female forces, and positive/negative aspects.

The two figures at The Hierophant’s feet indicate the different spiritual paths. These two kneeling figures show respect and
servitude to their teacher.

The symbol of The Hierophant is the 5 pointed star. The Hierophant relates to the number 5. 5 carries the energies of freedom, change and curiosity and is the number of ‘humanity’, and this energy needs to be prepared to work for the human race whilst having the freedom to achieve this their own unique way. 

The Hierophant relates to Taurus, which states, ‘I seek myself through what I have’. The Taurean energy promotes
productivity and puts this energy into power. The Taurean energy is naturally attuned to nature, and looks for stability and security.

Being ruled by Aries, the Cardinal Fire Sign, it states, ‘I seek myself’. Ariens often come across as being dominant  -  but
this is often to cover their feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. They often present a front of bravado, but deep down inside they are very unsure of themselves.

The Hierophant relates to the planet Mars, which has the attributes of wars, arguments, fights, endurance, resourcefulness, courage, assertion, daring and competition. Conquest and winning is most important to The Hierophant.

The Hierophant tells us that total inner-balance gives a wider view of the Divine Plan and you are able to determine your own spiritual truths by going within to your soul level. The Hierophant is able to open the doors for you to ‘know thyself’.

The Hierophant in a reading indicates that you will be receiving sound counsel from an older person unrelated to yourself, which allows you to see more clearly the steps needed to get to where you want to be  -  you just need to decide exactly where that is. The Hierophant urges you to make a choice about the path you want to take.

The Hierophant in a tarot spread is indicative of your inquiring mind frequently urging you to study, or to become a ‘teacher’ of sorts.

The Hierophant suggests that you are comfortable with socially accepted rules and behaviour and as a result assimilate easily. As you are well liked, you will have no trouble finding generous people to share their experiences with you to help you continue on your way with much success. 

If you are questioning your career options and The Hierophant appears in your reading, it may indicate that working for a large organization would best suit you at this time.

The Hierophant’s appearance can indicate that there will be a renewed interest in religion and/or the spiritual, metaphysical realm.

The Hierophant implies that you may be striving to find the truth and make sense of the changes in your life.

The Hierophant in a reading tells that you should be inspired to achieve greater spiritual understanding by clearing your
mind of thoughts that belong in the past.


Misinformation, bad advice, rebellion, weakness, gullibility, the need for self-discipline and tolerance.

The negative imagery symbolizes dogmatism and inflexibility, extreme conformity, or conventionalism.

The Hierophant, when it appears reversed, tells of someone who has a keen sense of originality. This person is not afraid
to undertake new ventures and explores all options with an open mind and is quite a ‘free spirit’.

When The Hierophant appears reversed in a spread, it is asking that you not be afraid to speak your truths whether you are afraid to or not, and to follow through with your plans. Have the courage of your convictions.

The Hierophant appearing reversed in a reading may be indicating that some new and refreshing vibrations are on their way into your life. This will usher in some positive opportunities for you to take up, if you so choose.

When The Hierophant appears reversed it tells of an unwillingness to accept change that is preventing you from moving ahead in life.

Appearing reversed, The Hierophant indicates that advice given may not be reliable or that the nature of the problem is
such that the advice is inappropriate.

The reversed Hierophant suggests that you would do well not to offer any advice at this time as you would not cope well if blamed for giving the wrong advice if things were to not work out.

Reversed, The Hierophant may be warning you not to partake in any gossip or rumour-mongering which could be labelled as slander, as this will come back the bite you in the future.

Be cautious of negative thoughts and impulses over the next five to six months, as putting these into action may have far-
reaching consequences for you. This is certainly a good time to think rather than to act or speak your mind.

The Hierophant depicts a wise teacher, but, he can bring with him an unnecessary desire for social approval. The reversed
Hierophant may tell of someone who feels that if a new person were to appear on the horizon, every effort should be made to impress them.

Reversed, The Hierophant depicts rebellion against traditions, unconventional thinking and belief-set or mind-set.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

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  1. Magnificent breakdown! Thank you 3x :D

  2. I agree, Magnificent and the best break down analysis of the card.

  3. Lucy vanica - "reversed". My interpretation is that I was handed a map from previous generations. History tends to repeat itself. repition compulsion.I must find the courage to stray from history rewrite it and stand up for what I believe in even if it's me standing alone. Rest comes easier knowing im living this short life the way I want to. And aligned with MY morals of what I believe is acceptable. If this shall make me an outcast then so be it.

    1. This is amazing, and very related to the moment right now, and my stance which is at odds with family and friends about the current technocratic take over.

  4. Thank you Joanne. I continuously use your tarot interpretations for my guidance and greatly appreciate all of your efforts and time that it took to mage these available!

  5. Thank you Joanne! I continuously use your tarot interpretations for guidance and greatly appreciate all of the time and effort it took to make these available. Blessings and love