Gifts, legacies, wealth, inheritance, financial stability, practicality, the ‘builder’, solid foundations, hard work, diligence.





9th to the 14th of May

10th to the 20th of January

Cascara Bark is a tonic, a laxative and a cholagogue. Cascara Bark promotes bowel movement and the discharge of bile from the liver. Cascara Bark is generally used as a cleanser for the intestinal tract.

The IV of Pentacles is a card of good fortune and the ability to reach well-sought-out goals and aspirations. The Four of Pentacles indicates foundations, earth, solidity and discipline.

The 4 of Pentacles depicts a hardworking person who puts their efforts and skills to good use to build solid foundations for themselves and others.

The IV of Pentacles relates to the number 4 which is the number of ‘the builder’, solid foundations and hard work, practicality, organization, service, patience, devotion, traditional values and endurance.

With the influence of the number 4, the IV of Pentacles suggests that one’s efforts to bring order and harmony to chaos and bedlam will be a hard-fought battle, but one that can be won.

Fours in a reading indicates the realization of one’s goals, and tells of a focus on material wealth.

In relation to the number 72 / 9, the Four of Pentacles tells of the Universal Love and ‘Brotherhood of Man’.  72 / 9 suggests humanitarian aspects and high spiritual vibrations and energies. The number 72 / 9 is the number of strong independence, peace and the need to unite with others.

The IV of Pentacles indicates someone with sound judgment and a good mind for business matters, or someone who knows the value of money and how to invest it wisely.

The IV of Pentacles appearing in a reading indicates very solid domestic situations. If you believe that you are on the right path in whatever area of your life is currently in focus (ie. career, relationship, lifestyle choices) the 4 of Pentacles implies that you are to keep going in this vein.

The 4 of Pentacles tells of job promotions, career advancements, business opportunities and financial windfalls. Take heed of advice given by someone ‘in the know’.

Appearing in a tarot reading, the 4 of Pentacles suggests that sometimes change is needed in order to view things from a different perspective. When you step back from the situation you are able to see the bigger picture and broader view, allowing for consideration and thought rather than taking hasty, ill-conceived action. Consider your options and take the best course of action.

The Four of Pentacles indicates a change for the better which will put you in command of your own life. Do what you think is best for you and listen to your own advice.

The 4 of Pentacles indicates that you may receive a generous gift. Positive rewards and outcomes from a financial decision or choice made in the past are implied when the 4 of Pentacles appears in a reading.

You may receive a large sum of money that will ensure your financial security. This money may be in the form of an inheritance, a legacy, a perk from an employer, a compensation payment or severance pay-out, or a competition or lotto win.


Two 4s in a spread tells of a safe and secure period of time.

Three Fours appearing in a reading implies that you are being overly cautious about everything.

Four 4s tells of extreme boredom and a feeling of being imprisoned by your circumstances.

Next to The MOON:
When the IV of Pentacles appears next to The Moon in a spread it is an indication that there may be deceptive undercurrents and ‘hidden things’ you are not aware of at this time. Investigate any propositions thoroughly prior to committing to anything. Check all details and ensure you feel 100% positive before commencing.

Appearing next to The Moon card, the 4 of Pentacles indicates that there are many undercurrents within a situation, and you are to investigate all offers and propositions, and do not sign any legal and/or binding documents until all is clear and upfront.

The 4 of Pentacles, when it appears in a reading next to The High Priestess, tells of the need to be absolutely certain of all aspects before committing yourself to anything, as there are many hidden undercurrents at this time. 

You are asked to investigate any and all propositions, but do NOT sign or commit to anything until you are totally certain.

Next to The TOWER:
The IV of Pentacles appearing next to The Tower card foretells of upheavals and the possibility of great loss. Do not allow others to influence or manipulate you in any way. Tend to your own affairs.

Next to The TOWER and 3 COURT CARDS:
The IV of Pentacles when it appears next to The Tower card as well as three Court Cards, indicates the possibility of great loss. It is a message to remain careful and cautious in all that you do. It indicates to depend upon yourself rather than relying on other’s influences, opinions and input.

Next to The WHEEL of FORTUNE:
The 4 of Pentacles, when it appears in a reading next to The Wheel of Fortune brings a message that you will have success in all that you undertake at this time. It is a positive sign to go forth with your plans.

Next to The WHEEL of FORTUNE and the SEVEN of PENTACLES:
Appearing next to The Wheel of Fortune and the 7 of Pentacles, the IV of Pentacles advises that you go ahead with your plans as success is assured, and you will benefit greatly.

When the IV of Pentacles appears in a spread with three Court Cards, it is asking you not to take on board other people’s opinions and views. Listen to your own intuition and do not be influenced by others.

Next to the 7 of PENTACLES:
The 4 of Pentacles appearing next to the 7 of Pentacles in a reading is a message to proceed with your plans and goals, as success is around you. Take advantage of this prosperous time.


Suspension, delay, loss, opposition, obstacles, hindrances, postponements,  jealousy, envy, greed, attachment to material items and objects.

The 4 of Pentacles indicates one who is too attached to the materialistic realms. This person enjoys power and always wants to be in charge. They will put in extra effort towards attaining money, financial or material gain.

The Four of Pentacles signifies a miserly tendency and reveals the negative attitude in holding onto what one has at the expense of embracing anything new and fresh.

Miserliness can be extended to the realm of emotions. One’s attitude towards money as a valuable commodity can be linked to one’s feelings about oneself and others as valuable and worthwhile. Therefore, stinginess with money is associated with lack of emotional generosity. It may also indicate as much fear of losing emotionally as there is of losing financially. The reversed 4 of Pentacles tells of someone becoming a miser. It also tells of this energy stifling the financial flow.

The reversed Four of Pentacles indicates a reluctance to give up anything or to share fairly. This can apply to a relationship or career, or any other aspect of life. A fear of failure and loss is most likely the root cause of this attitude, and needs to be addressed.

The IV of Pentacles reversed may indicate that others may be jealous of your wealth or social standing, and are plotting to create obstacles for you.

Reversed, the 4 of Pentacles indicates that you will enjoy a financially rewarding period, but in order to gain this material wealth, you may have to experience a loss of some sort.

A form of inheritance may be gained through the death of a relative or close friend when the 4 of Pentacles appears reversed. Alternatively, it may be suggesting the end of a relationship or partnership which will result in a ‘pay-out’ of sorts. 

Reversed, the Four of Pentacles may be suggesting the end of a job, occupation or career path. You may receive a retrenchment payout at this time. You will lose your job security, but will gain monetarily in the short term.

The 4 of Pentacles reversed may be indicating that a person is acting in a greedy and stingy manner. 

This person may be cutting themselves off from the world at large.

The reversed IV of Pentacles tells of a need to establish new plans so that you are prepared when upsets and/or delays take place. Opposition may delay future plans. It would be advisable to have an alternative plan or option ready just in case.

Money spent unwisely is implied by the reversed Four of Pentacles. It may also imply irresponsible decision-making, false economy, greed and the squandering of resources. You are to keep a check on this to your own financial stability and security.

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