Poverty, helplessness, defeat, despair, low self-esteem, emotional problems, loneliness, troubled thoughts, financial security issues, anxiety, fear, desolation, self-sabotage, fear of success and failure, difficulties, low self-esteem, lack of faith.





15th to the 21st of May

21st of April to the 2nd of May

Mugwort is a bitter, a digestive tonic, a cholagogue, an anti-spasmodic, a parasiticide and an emmenagogue. Mugwort leaves are made into alcoholic bitters, and a teaspoon taken before meals will stimulate the appetite. A Mugwort powder or tea can also be taken when fasting to eliminate intestinal parasites. Mugwort promotes the menses and relieves painful spasm and cramping. The strong bitterness of the herb represents a process of both internal and external purification.

The Five of Cups tells of uncertainty, change, activity and freedom. The number 5 has to do with personal freedom, conflict, expansion, opportunity and resourcefulness.  

The V of Pentacles relates to the number 73 / 10 / 1 and suggests ‘mystical powers’. It also suggests independence, leadership qualities and ‘perfected justice for all’.

The Pentacles appearing in the window on the 5 of Pentacles tarot card represent the Tree of Life. The Pentacles displayed in the coloured windows on the V of Pentacles card tells of the many life paths to choose from. It also asks you to look to the positives and to what the colours represent:

Blue:              healing
Yellow:          intuition
Green:           growth
Red:               action
Orange:         courage

5’s in a reading indicate a time of changes and of ups and downs and upheavals.

The number 5 indicates that there is a focus on financial or personal difficulties. You may experience problems at work that may cause concerns regarding your financial security. You may be spending too much time worrying about things that may never come to pass, wasting energy and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

Problems in a relationships may arise from arguments about money or because infidelity is suspected. Number 5, being the number of freedom of expression of self and freedom in all aspects, often falls into the clutches of ‘variety’ when it comes to their love/sex lives.

Often, the Five of Pentacles tells of feelings of helplessness, defeat and despair. Unemployment, financial difficulties and the inability to find material and emotional security are indicated by the Five of Pentacles. The situation may be alleviated or overcome with the support of a close friend or family member, or a community support system such as a church or government agency.

The 5 of Pentacles tells of a temporary loss of income, therefore a decline in lifestyle and self-respect. This may be on a financial level as well as emotional. It indicates that while struggling to keep hold of what one has, one actually risks losing everything.

There is also a warning of the loss of faith in oneself and in life and this is often a greater loss than a financial one.

The V of Pentacles suggests financial loss and emotional hardship and there is also an implication that the loss has been brought about by one’s own hand. Problems and hardship brought about by oneself is an uncomfortable position to be in  -  but it does provide a basis for starting over again, bearing in mind the pitfalls of the past. One will therefore be better equipped to re-start or tackle the problem differently next time around.

The Five of Pentacles may be suggesting that you over-looked or missed something in the details of your plan or the actions you have taken in the near past.

The 5 of Pentacles states ‘Don’t give up!’ It implies that you are about to achieve something you hadn’t expected.

The V of Pentacles tells of a time where you must review your goals, plans and lifestyle choices, as things are not as positive as they should/could be. It is a time to re-assess your position, and re-assess your wants and needs.

The 5 of Pentacles may be implying that you feel confused, discouraged and confused. The message is to stand strong regardless, as better is on the way into your life. Don't give up!

The Five of Pentacles in a reading may be pertaining to a legal case or issue. It implies that you may not be successful and may incur costs or suffer a loss.

The Five of Pentacles may be telling of someone who is anxious over money, poverty and lack in general. It may also be implying that someone is about to ‘give in and give up’ because of a feeling of defeat and failure  -  although in reality, success is just around the corner.

The V of Pentacles often indicates a ‘dark night of the soul’ type of situation or time. You are asked to maintain your spirit and faith in yourself and the Universal energies. 

The V of Pentacles tells of a feeling of destitution and there is an urgent need to look around you and take the appropriate action to bring about positive change. There is more to life than you realize.

The 5 of Pentacles is a message to use all opportunities wisely. Adaptability will be the key to your success.

An alliance, friendship, partnership, bond and affinity with another, which has formed through shared and similar life experiences and through facing adversity and similar troubles in life, may be implied when the 5 of Pentacles appears in a reading. Check the other cards placed around it in the spread.

The 5 of Pentacles indicates the appearance of a variety of obstacles, set-backs or feelings of lack and loss. When the 5 of Pentacles appears in a reading in may indicate economic and financial difficulties. A realistic check of current circumstances is needed at this time.

The 5 of Pentacles appearing in a tarot reading may be implying that your health and well being needs to be looked at as it may have been neglected of late. Health-wise, the 5 of Pentacles tells of neglecting one’s health and wellbeing.  More care and attention is needed at this time. It may be implying a need to seek professional attention or advice before issues progress negatively. You may find that your condition or problem can be easily dealt with. Remember, prevention is better than cure. A medical check-up may be in order.

The V of Pentacles asks that you take care of yourself in all ways.

2 Fives:

Two 5s in a spread tells of new experiences ahead.

3 Fives:
Three Fives in a reading is a warning not to over-exert yourself.

4 Fives:
Four Fives tells of travel, change and an energetic period.

Next to The LOVERS:
When the V of Pentacles appears next to The Lovers in a spread it may be indicating upheaval, miscommunications, misunderstandings and arguments within a relationship. It tells of a lack of consideration within a partnership or relationship. I may imply the ending of a close relationship or marriage. The message is to sort out any issues before they esculate, otherwise a break-up may be inevitable.

Appearing next to The Lovers, the 5 of Pentacles indicates a misunderstanding that may be causing unhappiness, which may ultimately lead to the break-up of a relationship.

Next to the 9 of CUPS:
The V of Pentacles appearing next to the Nine of Cups signifies that plans are coming together and success is on the way. It may also depict monetary gain.

Appearing next to the 9 of Cups, the 5 of Pentacles signifies good luck and possibly an inheritance or some sort of gain or influx of money.

Next to the 10 of CUPS:
The 5 of Pentacles, when it appears in a reading next to the X of Cups, is indicating that happy family times and celebrations, accolades and rewards are ahead for you. It indicates good fortune to do with monetary gain; possibly even a win or an inheritance.

The 5 of Pentacles, appearing next to the 10 of Cups, implies that good fortune is on its way, with an influx of income or monetary gain in the offing.

Next to the  4 of SWORDS:
Appearing next to the Four or Swords, the 5 of Cups can imply a serious disagreement and/or argument that may lead to the severance of the partnership, friendship or business. It may even indicate the loss of a legal case or battle.

Next to any Four SWORD Cards:
When the V of Pentacles appears in a reading with any Four Swords cards, it is an indication of a serious dispute, arguments, disagreements, or the dissolution or severance of some kind. If this is pertaining to a legal case or issue, it may be indicating that your case may be lost.


Poverty, domestic insecurity, unemployment, discord, disorder, chaos, ruin, loss.

The Five of Pentacles appearing reversed in a spread may be telling of a karmic lesson that needs to be experienced and accepted before you are able to move forward in your life.

When the V of Pentacles appears reversed in a reading it is implying that you are currently experiencing a karmic situation and lesson. Your task is to recognize the lesson and learn from it. It asks that you try to look to the reason for your burdens to find your solution.

The reversed 5 of Pentacles tells of an inner-need that you are unable to grasp at this time. It asks you to look ahead to your future, as the present situation will soon pass, and you are prompted to maintain faith and trust. Better is on the way.

The V of Pentacles appearing reversed tells of money or financial aspects being regained or recouped.-

The Five of Pentacles reversed may be implying that you are experiencing a deep inner or spiritual need which you may find difficult to understand. There may also be a need to show more empathy for those around you. You are asked not to allow your pride to stand in the way.

Your present situation may not be permanent, and you are asked to look ahead to the future with a positive attitude.

Reversed, the Five of Pentacles may be foretelling of a new jobe or career opportunity that will present itself in quick time. You are asked to be patient in the interim.

There may be a renewed interest in business and/or spiritual matters when the V of Pentacles appears reversed.

Appearing reversed in a spread, the 5 of Pentacles tells of a time where you may feel that circumstances are outside your control. You should look for ways to cut your losses and start afresh.

An acute sense of the severity of a situation has been (or needs to be) recognized and acknowledged when the V of Pentacles appears reversed in a spread. You are advised to seek help to avoid the situation getting worse.

Poverty, domestic insecurity and/or unemployment are apparent when the 5 of Pentacles appears reversed in a spread, and tells of a general feeling of insecurity stemming from a lack of love and companionship.

Reversed, the 5 of Pentacles may be telling of long-term unemployment or a loss of income. You may need to look at welfare for assistance.

The V of Pentacles reversed tells of a possible loss of something, or a legal issue that may be bothering you.

When the 5 of Pentacles appears in a reading reversed, it may be an indication of failure, unemployment, missed opportunities and loss. The message is to use common-sense and caution.

It warns of accidents, incidents and injuries. It tells of confusion, lack of direction and negative attitudes. It implies a lack of self-esteem and may also be indicated when the 5 of Pentacles appears reversed.

Examine the situation and decide if a solution is likely to present itself. If not, the best course of action may be to bow out in the early stages, rather than become embroiled in a draining struggle. Once definite action has been taken, you will be free to grieve and then heal.

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