Calm expression, courage, friendship, concord, affection, communication, harmony, choices, indecision, stalemate, stagnation.


56  / 11


28th of June to the 2nd of July

20th of September to the 6th of October

Passionflower is a nervine and an anti-spasmodic.  It is used for insomnia, nervousness, irritability, stress and other nervous complaints.

The Two of Swords indicates form, fertility, unexpressed creativity and co-operation.

The Two of Swords depicts a blindfolded woman balancing two very long swords on her shoulders.

The Two of Swords gives the impression of balance and calm expression.

The Two of Swords tells of inner-peace, harmonious victory and balance. It also warns one to take the time to consider all options and directions before taking on major projects or proceeding with plans.

Twos in a reading indicates a period of gestation, of waiting, and anticipation of great success in the future. There is a focus on negotiation/s.

The Two of Cups represents the point of balance which leads to self-acceptance and inner-peace. It represents acceptance of one’s weaknesses balanced with one’s strengths.

The 2 of Swords represents a situation which appears impossible to move through or away from. There is a feeling of unrest, ill-ease and anxiety  -  but the fear of upsetting the status-quo makes if preferable to ignore this issue. Ultimately though, issues will need to be faced and dealt with.

The Two of Cups relates to the number 56 / 11, and indicates a person who is supportive and balanced. It also tells of freedom, service and responsibility. The number 56 / 11 suggests the ‘Spiritual Light Messenger’.

If you have been involved in a dispute with a friend or acquaintance, the presence of the Two of Swords indicates that an amicable solution will be found, with both parties feeling satisfied and positive about the dispute being resolved.

The Two of Swords indicates that there is some sort of power struggle going on in your life. You are asked to weigh up the positives and negatives in a situation, and make a clear decision or choose which will solve or at least alleviate a problem or situation.

When appearing in a reading, the 2 of Swords may be indicating that reunions and/or reconciliation will take place in your life at this time.

The Two of Swords in a reading may be indicating the breakdown of a once close relationship and that there is an urgent need for a balanced and rational approach to the situation.

When the II of Swords appears reversed in a spread, it is implying that come and thought must be taken when making decisions and choices. Take the time to consider all options very carefully before making any firm commitments. Put off making choices until you are absolutely positive it is the right and most appropriate one.

The 2 of Swords tells of difficult decisions to be made  -  tough choices. It indicates weighing up the ‘pro and cons’ and tells of important decisions and choices to be made.  It may also indicate a stalemate in your affairs and a feeling of not knowing which way to turn. You may need to look at a new or different approach.

Where emotions are involved, the Two of Swords in a reading tells of mixed emotions and a feeling of confusion.  This may lead to feelings of upset and sorrow.

The II of Swords may be foretelling of unsettling communications. The message of the Two of Swords appearing in a readings is that the key to achieving a satisfactory compromise is by open and honest communication. Do not allow prior grievances and bitterness to influence the communication. Once a compromise has been reached, you should feel a sense of achievement at having been open-minded and considerate of others.

The Two of Swords asks you to show caution and restraint against making rash decisions you may later regret.

Where multiple choices are concerned, the message of the Two of Swords is to be prepared to be open to all options, otherwise you may loose out. Stay open-minded.

Next to The MOON:
When the Two of Swords appears next to The Moon, it is asking you not to become anxious or stressed, as this can adversely affect your health. Maintain a positive perspective and attitude.

The II of Swords tells you not to allow your imagination to inflate your concerns. It is advised that you think positively, as worry and anxiety can adversely affect your health.

Next to The SUN:
When the II of Swords appears in a reading next to The Sun, it is telling you to keep faith and hope alive, as changes are happening behind the scenes that will see you back in action in quick time. It is a sign that your life is about to become very busy and active, as choices will be made that ushers in fresh energies and enthusiasm.

With SWORDS on all Sides:
The Two of Swords appearing with other Sword cards all around it, it is telling you to remain open and receptive to loved ones, as they have the best intentions at heart and their advice is feasible, viable and comes from a place of love.  It is also telling you not to cut yourself off or avoid loved ones. Do not reject their offers of help.

The 2 of Swords appearing surrounded by Swords all round, may be indication that victory will be achieved, despite hardships and setbacks, through hard work and the co-operation of others.

CUPS On All Sides:
The Two of Swords, when surrounded by Cups, is telling you that you will be receive love, understanding and emotional support from those around.

WANDS On All Sides:
The II of Swords appearing in a spread surrounded by Wands, it is an indication that help and assistance will be forthcoming from those you work with, and/or members of your workplace.

The 2 of Swords, when surrounded by Pentacles, it is an indication that financial issues will improve dramatically. It may also indicate that you are valued and appreciated by others.

Two 2s in a spread tells of a commitment or engagement.

Three Twos in a reading may be warning of a extra-marital affair.

Four 2s appearing in a spread tells of looking for love in all the wrong places.

Duplicity, falsehood, disloyalty, release, fear, worry, anxiety, stress, delays, postponements, release, caution.

The Two of Swords appearing reversed in a reading it is warning you that you should be wary of someone who seeks a compromise but is unwilling to make concessions.

Appearing reversed, the Two of Swords indicates a situation which has become tense and intolerable and tells of venting true feelings with little hope of compromise or reconciliation.

When the Two of Swords appears reversed in a spread, it may be indicating that you are out of touch with your emotions, which may lead to wrong choices and decisions being made. Delay making decisions until you are sure of all the facts and are totally satisfied with them. If not, don’t proceed.

The 2 of Swords reversed tells of a shift or movement in current affairs. Be careful that this move or shift is in the right direction, otherwise you may find yourself in a very precarious position.

You are warned not to deal with untrustworthy and unsavoury characters. Keep all dealings above board and honest.

The reversed 2 of Swords asks that you give yourself ample time and opportunity to consider all options before fully committing yourself to anything of importance. Postpone making decisions until you are absolutely sure of yourself.

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