Suspicion, boldness, readiness, strength, suspension, delay, adjournment, discretion, discernment, persistence and perseverance, unexpected gain, stability, knowledge, ability, defence, resilience, reward.



35 / 8



8th to the 14th of August

30th of December to the 13th of January

Bayberry Bark is a stimulant, an astringent and is used for colds and flu, to promote circulation, whilst at the same time toning and contracting flaccid tissue.

The powder of Bayberry Bark is used externally as a dentifrice for receding gums.


The Nine of Wands speaks of attainment, accumulation, experience and completion.

The 9 of Wands tells of setting limits upon yourself and others. It tells of the ability to defend what has been gained and implies that stability is gained through hard and diligent work.

The IX of Wands indicates that although resources may seem exhausted, there is strength held in reserve for when it is most needed. This untapped store is often revealed when we feel as though we just cannot take another step  -  however, if we push hard enough, we find we can muster the strength to achieve what seems impossible.

Confronted with a crisis, we are often able to access this special strength. It is the kind of strength that we do not know we possess until we actually need it. Such reserves of energy can come in useful, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. When we are at the end of our mental, physical and emotional ropes, the fighting spirit of the 9 of Wands proves invaluable.

The 9 of Wands relates to the number 35 / 8. The number 8 energy brings power and spirituality, psychic ability, the teacher and the healer. It also represents giving and receiving. In relation to the number 35 / 8, the 9 of Wands tells of a need within to use one’s creative abilities in all endeavours.

The Nine of Wands relates to the number 9, and tells of leadership, taking control and living by example. It is also the number of the ‘humanitarian’.

The 9 of Wands implies rewards and beneficial gains brought about by past deeds. Hardships and struggles in the past have built resilience and character, and this is now being acknowledged. With this comes a more balanced, mature and discerning approach to life’s problems and issues.

The IX of Wands appears in a spread it is a message to use discretion and to maintain control of your personal interests.  It asks you to hold onto your belief-set, and to protect your own affairs. You have the knowledge, mind-set and ability to succeed at whatever you set your mind to. Do not allow others to sway your from your path.

The 9 of Wands in a reading may be indicating that your life seems to be at a standstill. You are asked to hold onto your beliefs, stand firm and know what needs to be done … then do it. You will have the strength, knowledge and ability to see this through to fruition. Perseverance and persistence is the key.

You are asked to remember where you have been and what you have experienced in your life so far. 

You are asked to use discernment and discretion … always.

Nines appearing in a reading indicate the completion of events and there is a focus on strength in opposition.

The 9 of Wands indicates that there could be a suspension of events, with the querant having the advantage at the present time.

The presence of this card in a reading suggests that there has been a conflict previously and you are forewarned that there may be more to come ahead of you.

This card can indicate obstinacy, but also tells of eventual victory, although steady force must be applied.

Health-wise, when the 9 of Wands appears in a reading it may be telling of the recovery from an illness of some kind. 

There is a feeling of ‘getting better’.


Two Nines appearing in a reading suggests a house move and a change of address.

Three Nines implies good luck and/or a surprise windfall.

Four Nines appearing together in a reading suggests that your brightest hopes, dreams and wishes will be fulfilled.

Next to The SUN:
When the IX of Wands appears next The Sun, it denotes a business or personal interests pertaining to either properties or travel or vacation destinations.

Property management may offer the outlet for which you may be craving.

Next to The TEN of WANDS:
When the 9 of Wands appears in a spread next to the Ten of Wands, it denotes that negotiations regarding real estate, property, buildings, rentals, buying and renovating, will be fruitful in the near future.

Next to The MAGICIAN:
When the 9 of Wands appears next to The Magician in a spread, it is a strong  indication of personal or business interests and/or enquiries regarding studies, research and learning.

If there is a strong inclination to begin or set up a business or enterprise focused on the ‘New Age’, spiritual and metaphysical. Appearing next to the Magician, the IX of Wands may refer to a business inquiry regarding books and or metaphysics supplies and interest.

Obstacles, adversity, calamity, a lack of initiative, confusion, failure, conflict, reluctance, stubbornness, defensiveness.

The IX of Wands appearing reversed in a reading tells that something negative from the past is holding you back today. 

This undermines attempts to progress and you are asked to let the past go and look to tomorrow with renewed optimism. 

Reversed, the 9 of Wands tells of acting in a stubborn and/or defensive manner. You are asked to lower your defences and take a second look at the issue.

When the 9 of Wands appears in a spread reversed it is asking you not to loose faith. You will need to be strong at this time in order to deal with future compilations. The long-term outlook is very positive, so stay on course and keep a positive.

The 9 of Wands appearing in a reading reversed, it informs you that you are not applying yourself fully and are lacking initiative. A lack of forward planning will leave you vulnerable to misunderstandings, and delays with projects are likely to occur. To avoid this situation, be precise about your goals, gather all the necessary and relevant information and use them to reach and attain your goals. Do not take on more than you can deal with.

The IX of Wands, when appearing reversed in a reading indicates that proper preparation has not been put in place and plans need to be reviewed. It is imperative that you stand by your own belief-set and flow through with your own plans.

When the 9 of Wands appears reversed in a reading it is telling you will review all plans, as if you allow things to go ahead, you will find mishaps and obstacles along the way, as this will hinder your progress.

The 9 of Wands reversed tells of feeling defensive, overburdened and oppressed. This needs to be seen
to, quickly.

In regards to health issues or concerns, the reversed IX of Wands asks you to seek a second or different professional opinion, as this may put your mind at ease regarding a diagnosis.


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