Generosity, honesty, loyalty, social, energy, ability, purpose in life, inner-strength, help, assistance, wisdom, knowledge, intelligence.


24 / 6 


4th to the 10th of December

20th of March to the 22 of April


Raspberry Leaf is an astringent and an anti-inflammatory.
Raspberry Leaf aids pelvic circulation in the female reproductive organs and also aids in childbirth.

As an anti-inflammatory, Raspberry Leaf is used for fevers and is good for nausea and motion sickness.


The Queen of Wands indicates ‘woman’, negative aspects, passivity, response and emotion.

The Queen of Wands is a wise woman who is imaginative and intuitive whilst being independent and authoritive. She is one who is happy to give aid and assistance, but you must ask first. She has a strong personality and is intelligent and quick-witted.

The Queen of Wands depicts a woman who draws people towards her with her enigmatic personality. She is a sensible, helpful and sincere person who is willing to help … always.

The Queen of Wands is mature, intelligent and personable, and can be looked upon as a great support, confidante and guide. She is a lady who is open, relaxed, and receptive.

The woman depicted by the Queen of Wands has a love of home, animals, and growing things. She is kind, generous, and understanding and is a lady who is prepared to grow with her experiences.

The Queen of Wands is a proud woman who has the ability to be both loving and tyrannical. She represents a woman who is friendly, chaste, loving and honourable. The Queen of Wands depicts a woman who gives good advice and who is wise and has keen insight and intuition. This woman has a great love of home and family and takes duty and responsibility in her stride.

The Queen of Wands is a social, active and resourceful woman who can direct her energies in several directions at once. Outgoing and generous, the Queen of Wands has many friends and interests. She generally has a lovely family life and is successful in both business and personal ventures.

The Queen of Wands presents the image of a successful career woman who is able to effectively multi-task. She has sound business judgment and is kind and understanding.

Her tremendous energy is used constructively and within the scope of her capabilities. The Queen of Wands is well-aware of her limitations and does not attempt to over-step them.  She intuitively knows her personal abilities.

The Queen of Wands has a warm and loving energy. Because of this, she is most suited to careers involving the teaching, instructing or mentoring fields.

The Queen of Wands has a deep sense of order within, and can gain a great deal of information from a higher source.

The woman depicted by the Queen of Wands would make a brilliant entertainer of any kind as she enjoys the limelight and revels in being the centre of attention. This woman is not afraid of challenges, and has the spunk, intelligence and tenacity to either compete for corporate positions, and/or successfully run her own business.

On the negative side, the Queen of Wands can be a touch arrogant and egotistical. She may come across as proud, over-confident and somewhat vain.

The Queen of Wands is related to the energy of cats and the astrological sign of Leo  -  the Lion. The Lion is depicted on the Queen’s regal throne on the Tarot card. The Queen of Wands sometimes depicts a woman who is a Leo or Sagittarian.

The Queen of Wands relates to the number 24 / 6, which is the number of ‘service to mankind’.

The lesson of the Queen of Wands is to learn balance and maintain it.


When the Queen of Wands appears in a spread, the focus is on family matters and relationships.

Appearing in a reading, the Queen of Wands indicates that you will encounter a friendly and loving woman. This woman may bring you success in business and material gain.

In a reading, the Queen of Wands indicates a lady with keen insight and is cloaked in wisdom and shows someone who is ready to pass her experiences on to others.

The Queen of Wands in a reading implies that after a lull, your spiritual development will be renewed. It is important to seek advice from others at this time.

When the Queen of Wands appears in a spread, the qualities she represents will be brought to the fore.


With Two QUEENS of Any Suit:
When the Queen of Wands appears with any two Queens from any suit, it may indicate a meeting, gathering or celebration for women.

Two Queens in a spread may be indicating short-lived trouble with a female friend.

Three Queens in a reading indicates that you may participate in idle gossip.

Four Queens appearing in a reading may be indicating that gossip and/or slander, of which you are the victim.

With Many Other COURT Cards:
When the Queen of Wands appears with many other Court Cards, it indicates that many people are involved within a situation or issue.

With Many WANDS:
The Queen of Wands appearing with many Wand cards in a reading is indicating that changes, movement and activities are happening in your life.

With a PAGE, KNIGHT and/or KING
When the Queen of Wands appears in a reading with a Page, Knight and/or King, it generally indicates that she is related or connected to one or all of them.


Jealousy, deceit, a turned friend, false pride, snobbery, stupidity, interference, narrow-mindedness

The Queen of Wands, when working with the negative aspects of her personality, is a domineering and strict woman who manipulates people and situations to her own advantage. The reversed Queen of Wands is a woman of deceit and lies, and the distinct message when she appears in a reading reversed is to use caution when dealing with her.

Reversed, the Queen of Wands is someone who may become quickly impatient with those who show weakness.

The reversed Queen of Wands is often someone who thinks that she is efficient and organized, and who likes to be in control at all times. This may be mistaken for arrogance by those who resent her domineering and interfering attitude.  She may believe that others cannot manage efficiently or effectively without her influence, supervision and direction.

When the Queen of Wands appears reversed in a reading it may be indicating a woman who may be narrow-minded and closed-off. She can often come across as domineering and uncharitable, strict and bitter.

The Queen of Wands reversed may be implying an infidelity within a relationship, mistrust and deceit. Do not confide in this woman as it will come back to bite you.

Reversed, the Queen of Wands is reluctant to let others take the lead.


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