Vigilance, retreat, solitude, repose, exile, inner-reflections, planning for the future, contemplation, solid foundations, rest, convalescence.



48 / 12 / 3 


9th to the 14th of July

13th to the 24th of October

Mullein is an expectorant, a demulcent, calmative and anti-inflammatory and an anti-spasmodic. Mullein is used for upper respiratory complaints and relieves mucus and congestion of the lungs. Mullein is a mild calmative and is used topically to relieve pain.

The Four of Swords indicates foundations, earth, solidity and discipline.

The Four of Swords is a card of solitude, leading to healing on many levels. It tells of a time of rest before the final onslaught, and to prepare for future events. It is a card that signifies a ‘calm after the storm’ and/or the ‘calm before the storm’.

The IV of Swords is a card of meditation and contemplation.  It is a message that a current situation will improve. It is then a time to renew physical and mental energies. After illness, the body needs time to gain strength. After emotional upset, the feelings need peace and quiet to regain the inner equilibrium. In the wake of disruption, whether it be separation, divorce, quarrels or anything else, we all need a period of introspection, during which we can sift through the events and put them into perspective.

The IV of Swords relates to the number 4, which is the number of hard work and effort, stability and building solid foundations.

The 4 of Swords relates to the number 48 / 12 / 3, and this number tells of caution. This number brings with it great personal influence and responsibility, new forces and
energies, changes and hard work.  48 / 12 / 3 represents transformation and release.

4s in a reading indicates the realization of goals and implies that there is a focus on retreat and contemplation.

The 4 of Swords is an indication that some negativity is moving away from your life, with the promise of better to come.

The Four of Swords implies a period of rest, recovery and meditation. It may even be indicating a time of bereavement and mourning. The 4 of Swords may simply be telling of a need to retreat from the hustle and bustle and stresses of the world for a time, in order to find (or re-find) inner-balance and equilibrium.

The IV of  Swords indicates that there is ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. There is inevitable changes to come, but use these changes as a foundation stone for future plans. The ‘shadow’ over your life is slowly moving away and, although you may have to wait until the time is right for your desires and dreams to come to fruition.

The Four of Swords tells of a time to reflect in solitude, but you will not remain in retreat for too long. A moment of respite rather than a permanent state is implied.

The IV of Swords gives the impression of feeling isolated, cut-off and out of touch. It is a time to seriously consider new ways and plans for the future. It is asking you to prepare yourself for changing circumstances and tells of a need to take time to contemplate and reflect, and to renew both your mental and physical energies.

The Four of Swords implies that you may have previously been involved in complicated situations involving many people. You may now feel the need for solitude and a chance to meditate and be at peace. During this time of solitude you will feel truly at peace and may find spiritual enrichment through reading and meditation. However, you should be wary of becoming isolated.

The Four of Swords suggests that it is now time to heal the wounds from battles of the past.

When the Four of Swords appears next to Judgment in a spread, it is a message to avoid complicated situations. It indicates that you may have undergone a great deal of pressure recently, and it would be unwise to step into a similar situation. It may be implying that you have undergone much pressure in this situation, so take it as a lesson well learned and avoid any similar speculation or involvement in the future. Learn from the experience and understand and appreciate the lesson.

Next to Any ACE:
When the IV of Swords appears in a spread next to any Ace of any suit, it indicates that some long-term goals or plans need to be re-assessed and re-evaluated before proceeding.

The IV of Swords next to any Ace may be telling you that although you may not yet be involved with any long-term plans or considerations, when they do arise, make efforts to check and re-check all aspects before proceeding, as some re-evaluations and amendments may be needed.

With Three or More COURT Cards:
When the 4 of Swords appears with 3 or more Court Cards in a reading, it indicates that there are some mis-understandings and difficulties with current relationships.

The Four of Swords appearing with 3 or more Court Cards is a message not to proceed with any new ventures or relationships, unless you feel absolutely secure. It is most important to check the fine details before proceeding as there is a possibility of difficulties arising.

Two 4s in a spread tells of a safe and secure period of time.

Three Fours appearing in a reading implies that you are being overly cautious about everything.

Four 4s tells of extreme boredom and a feeling of being imprisoned by your circumstances.


Isolation, loneliness, detachment, seclusion, opposition, delays, postponements, cancellations, social unrest.

The reversed IV of Swords indicates that you have been in retreat for too long or at the wrong time. You may have missed out on opportunities as a result. You should make attempts to re-integrate and socialize.

When the IV of Swords appears reversed in a spread it is telling you that some excellent opportunities will become available to you shortly  -  but with that comes a warning to tread carefully and use discretion and discernment. Remain aware at all times as there is a need to take care in all that you do, and you are asked to think carefully before committing to anything of importance.

Reversed, the Four of Swords warns you not to make promises you can’t keep, as things are changing rapidly around you.

The 4 of Swords reversed may be implying that a situation of unrest, misunderstandings and mis-communication is abound, particularly within your work and career sector of life.

Feelings of being rejected, isolated, ignored and lonely are indicated when the IV of Swords appears reversed. This may be due to an extended illness and recover time, a movement away from friends and family (either physically or emotionally) or because of inner feelings and beliefs of inferiority and severe self-doubt. You are asked to focus on the positives in your life whilst in meditation, and ask the Universe to present you with new directions and opportunities.

The reversed IV of Swords often indicates opposition, cancellations and delays in your life at the present time. You are asked to stay positive and focused during this time as changes in the near future will usher in new energies to deal with.

The Four of Swords appearing reversed is a message to use discretion and discernment and to think hard before committing yourself to anything of importance. Do not make any promises at this time, as it is indicated that the situation may change rapidly.

Reversed, the 4 of Swords gives a feeling of opposition and difficulty in getting things moving ahead. There may be unrest and problems in the work place.

The 4 of Swords reversed tells of positive opportunities on their way  -  but it comes with a caution to remain aware of all that takes place at this time. You are asked to use discretion and caution before making any important decisions or taking any important steps in your life.

The 4 of Swords reversed implies that you may be feeling opposed or blocked in some way. This may have to do with a work or career issue. Unrest and problems at work may present themselves at this time.

The reversed Four of Swords warns you not to make any promises that you cannot keep, as things can change very quickly, and you may not be able to fulfill your vow, leading to disharmony and negative feelings.

The IV of Swords reversed indicates having angry and/or negative thoughts, feeling a failure and playing the ‘victim’ role. 

The reversed Four of Swords is a message that health issues should not be neglected as prevention is better than cure.

Joanne Walmsley
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  1. Hi Joanne,

    I think there is a typo in the Four Of Swords details. The number should be 58,13,4

  2. 4 + 8 =12
    1 + 2 = 3
    Makes perfect numerological sense, the 4 is isolated, detached and inwardly creative.
    5 + 8 =13
    1 + 3 = 4
    Is a different equation, logical but more a aspirational trajectory, locomotive and communicative