Endurance, slow and steady, patience, hard work, interest, responsibility, methodical work, a job well done, service, loyalty, steadfastness, skills, talents, abilities, empathy, inner-strength, self-development, industrious, contentment, achievement, trustworthy.





64 / 7  


29th of December to the 3rd of January

21st of August to the 22nd of December

Elecampani is a digestive, an expectorant and a carminative.

Elecampani helps to treat and prevent the formation of mucus in the lungs, cures coughs and aids digestion.

The Knight of Pentacles indicates youth, transition, struggle and conflict.

The Knight of Pentacles is a practical and dependable personality who will always work hard to get what they want and need. They are a stable character who considers everything before acting. The Knight of Pentacles feels very deeply about the world.

The Knight of Pentacles is a serious young man who is methodical and unimaginative. He is though, very trustworthy, patient and forbearing, and has a genuine love of animals and nature.

The Knight of Pentacles depicts a good worker who is empathetic towards those less fortunate, and one who takes great care in all that he does.

The Knight of Pentacles embodies the qualities of being helpful, dependable, modes and a touch shy and unassuming. There is a focus on a hardworking person, (depicted by the Knight of Pentacles) and this person is likely to have a temper than is slow, but once aroused, is very difficult to cope with.

The Knight of Pentacles is a personality with high energy and high ambitions. This person is reliable, compassionate and thoughtful. The Knight of Pentacles has a natural affinity with animals and shows a great deal of compassion as well as skill. This person would make for an excellent trainer, manager, zoo or animal sanctuary keeper, kennel/cattery owner, veterinarian or holistic healer.

The Knight of Pentacles relates to the number 67 / 4, which is the vibration of opposing energies which needs to be brought into balance. It suggests that there is a need to balance the emotional energies in order to allow transformation to occur. The number 67 / 4 also tells of hard work and diligence, and of ‘hidden truths’. In relation to the number 67 / 4, the Knight of Pentacles asks that you use your inner-awareness and follow the guidance as it will protect and direct you in your service to others.

In a reading, the Knight of Pentacles indicates that it is now time to rest and relax. Rest assured that steady progress will be made in due course.

The presence of the Knight of Pentacles suggests that a stagnant situation will soon change.

The Knight of Pentacles indicates that you may benefits from the work and service of a solid man. You should appreciate his help and reward him justly. It indicates that you may be involved with a solid and trustworthy character who is keeping a venture going by doing hard work that is not always recognized or rewarded.

The Knight of Pentacles indicates that we can see a practical way of dealing with all situations and circumstances that will cross our path at this time.

The Knight of Pentacles when it appears in a reading tells of a young man who takes the appropriate time and effort to do a job correctly. He cuts no corners and is very methodical and thorough in all that he undertakes.

When the Knight of Pentacles appears in a reading it is an indication that some work that has been pending will be taken care of in quick time.

The Knight of Pentacles indicates a person with a high energy level, who can see the bigger picture and can be relied upon when the need arises.

The appearance of the Knight of Pentacles in a reading tells of one who takes their task very seriously and displays humility and honesty. It indicates a ‘spirit of determination’ and earthy practicality is due to enter your life. This may be through inner qualities of perseverance or through contact with a person possess such qualities.


Two Knights appearing in a reading indicates mixed-messages or signals that cause you to doubt the sincerity of a male friend.

Three Knights in a spread may be forewarning of heated arguments to come.

Four Knights appearing in a reading suggests verbal and/or physical violence and extreme abuse.

With Many Other COURT Cards:
When the Knight of Pentacles appears in a spread with many other Court Cards it is indicating that many people and characters are involved in a situation.

With Many Other PENTACLES:
When the Knight of Pentacles appears with many other Pentacle cards in a reading, it indicates issues to do with financial and monetary transactions of all kinds.

With TWO KNIGHTS of any Suit:
When the Page of Pentacles appears with any two Knights of any suit, it may indicate situations or circumstances around learning, study, schools, colleges and ‘learning’ in general.


Inertia, idleness, stagnation, discouragement, carelessness, money, finances.

The reversed Knight of Pentacles depicts a young man who has an irresponsible and impatient attitude. He needs a great deal of motivation, otherwise he has a tendency to become lazy and dissatisfied. The reversed Knight of Pentacles may be quite the coward.

The reverse Knight of Pentacles depicts a very dull, conservative and plodding character, who frequently displays great stubbornness … often to their own disadvantage.

When the Knight of Pentacles appears reversed in a reading, it indicates that important issues to do with career, money and all financial aspects are at a standstill at this time. You are to wait for a more auspicious time to make a new start, or proceed with plans regardless.

The Knight of Pentacles appearing reversed may be implying that either yourself or someone else may have an idea for a venture or project, but those approached for co-operation lack enthusiasm and motivation.

The reversed Knight of Pentacles tells of someone who needs a lot of encouragement as they tend to be timid and makes many mistakes.

When the Knight of Pentacles appears reversed in a reading, it may be a warning that some work needs to be done in order to achieve your goals. This work may have been over-looked or put into the ‘too hard basket’  -  but now is the time to complete this work and finish the task.

The Knight of Pentacles reversed gives the impression of dissatisfaction, laziness and procrastination. The message is to find self-motivation and get on with positive changes.

Reversed, the Knight of Pentacles tells of money work and other important matters being at a standstill at the moment.

The reversed Knight of Pentacles tells of one showing a lack of responsibility and implies that impatience is affecting the progress of the person/people involved.

The reversed Knight of Pentacles may be implying that you are dissatisfied with a situation or circumstances around you at the moment and you may be feeling anxious to change things or to make a fresh start or new beginning.

Little progress is being made towards the desired goal and the situation has become stagnant and boring. 

The reversed Knight of Pentacles tells that a drastic change in approach is required.


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