TAROT in relation to NUMEROLOGY

One of the most ancient applications of the science of Numerology has to do with the design and creation of the Tarot cards. 

The numbers on each Tarot card are enormously significant in the interpretation of their meanings. Each Tarot card is specifically numbered, and the images on each card reverberates in order to convey its meaning to the reader or interpreter, who then analyses such matters as current issues, relationships, future options and choices and the like.

Traditionally, there are 56 Minor Arcana cards consisting of the Ace through to Ten, and four Court cards, Page, Knight, Queen and King. 56 was the number chosen esoterically as it symbolizes the God force, Source or the force of the creation principle. This comes from Pagan and Celtic beliefs that the number 56 relates to the Celtic Sun God.

The Celtic Sun God has 14 rays of light shooting out from its head, in the four directions  –  North, South, East West. The 14 Minor Arcana cards reflect these 14 rays. 

The Tarot is a subtle tool that speaks to us in many different ways. The Tarot often presents hidden agendas by including messages that can be deciphered by looking at the combination of numbered cards within the spread. The number of cards has specific indicators of how they relate to the situation.

Each number within each Suit (
Cups, Swords, Wands and Pentacles) represents each particular aspect of human consciousness and experience. 

The numbers 1 to 10 correspond to the Ace to 10, and throughout each Suit the numbers reflect the same or similar values. When Numerology is applied to the Tarot cards it is often the number which gives deeper insight into the hidden meaning of the card.

The Minor Arcana relies upon Numerology to convey is deeper messages and meanings.

0  -  Zero  -  0

0 is the Alpha (beginning) and Omega (the highest) as there is no beginning and no end. All is infinite. The ancients proclaimed that the ‘God force’ is a circle whose centre is everywhere and its circumference is nowhere. 

ZERO is the number of the ‘God’ force and Universal Energies and reinforces, amplifies and magnifies the vibrations of the numbers it appears with. The number ZERO encompasses the attributes of all other numbers, and brings one closer to the ‘God force’ or ‘Source’. 

ZERO is the symbol of ‘nothingness’ and denotes freedom from limitations in this material world.

The number ZERO resonates with the vibrations and energies of eternity, infinity, oneness, wholeness, continuing cycles and flow, and the beginning point. The number 0 stands for potential and/or choice, and when this number presents and recurs it is a message to do with developing one’s spiritual aspects as ZERO is considered to represent the beginning of a spiritual journey and highlights the uncertainties that may entail. It suggests that you listen to your intuition and higher-self as this is where you will find all of your answers.

Zero is a very powerful number, ruled by the planet Pluto and the astrological sign of Scorpio.

Before the advent of the number Zero, humankind’s analytical ability to form complex mathematical concepts were somewhat limited, but Zero changed that and allowed man to advance in his technological evolution.

1  -  One  -  I

Creation, independence, new beginnings, originality, courage, ambition, progress, will power, positiveness, leadership, pioneering, activity, raw energy, force, masculine, assertive, successful, self, leadership, initiative, organizer, instinct, love, intuition, courageous achiever, strength, creativity, self-reliance, tenacious, forceful, authoritive, inspirational, leniency, attainment, happiness, glory, fame, unique, omniscience, fulfilment.

Single-minded, intolerant, conceited, narrow-minded, stubborn, controlling, lacking in emotion, passive, follower, aggressive, dependent, weak-willed, arrogance, dominant.

2  -  Two  -  II

Service, balance, love, harmony, balance, adaptability, diplomacy, charm, friendliness, music rhythm, receptivity, consideration for others, co-operation, purpose, will, understanding, diplomat, friend, artist, enduring peacemaker, gentle, kind, insightful, sensitive, team-player, ambitious, spiritual, well-mannered, placid, just, unselfish, harmonious, sociable, supportive, attention to detail, co-operative, decisive, poise, intuitive, adaptable, agreeable, cautious, considerate, emotional, flexible, loving, understanding, consideration, grace, devotion, the subconscious, balance, mediation, life purpose and soul mission.

Irresolute, indifferent, unable to take responsibility, fearful, weak-willed, submissive, pessimistic, dependent, indecisiveness, hesitation, indecisiveness, lack of balance, unsteady, unstable, insensitive, inflexible, disagreeable, stagnant, inconsiderate, unemotional, unloving, fears making mistakes, fears unplanned change, fears being alone, fear of the unknown.

3  -  Three  -  III

Joy, artistic expression, optimism, inspiration, creativity, communication, good takes, talent, imagination, sociability, friendliness, conception, kindness, compassion, manifestation, easy going, visionary, humour, energetic, growth, expansion, principles of increase, spontaneous, broadminded thinking, kindness, encouragement, assistance, speech, ‘faith, hope and charity’, culture, wit, fun-loving, freedom-seeking, brave, adventurous, exuberant, brilliant, non-confrontational, open-channel, free-form, rhythm, inspiration, love of pleasure, joy, art, passion, surprise, intelligence, sensitivity, psychic ability, social, self-expression, affable, communicative, enthusiastic, youthful, enlivening, imagination. Number 3 also resonates with the energies of the Ascended Masters.

Indifferent, impatient, over-confident, lacking in stamina, easily-hurt, closed-minded, pessimistic, insensitivity, selfish, withdrawn and uncommunicative, anti-social, laziness, sensitivity to criticism, exaggeration, lack of direction, immaturity, sorrow.

4   -   Four  -  IV

Practicality, exactitude, organization, service, patience, application, devotion, conservatism, pragmatism, patriotism, dignity, trust, endurance, worthiness, economy, loyalty, mastery, production, solid foundations, hard work, security-conscious, self-control, loyal, conscientious, hardworking, high morals, traditional values, honesty, strong-willed, practical, wisdom, imperturbable, determination, serious builder, progress, doer, manager, traditional, solid foundations, realistic values, stability, ability, justice, goal-orientated, system, order, management, responsibility, maintenance, constructive, determined, serious, discipline, dependability, conviction.

Stubborn, workaholic, clumsy, dull, inflexible, dislikes change, lack of purpose, disorganised, lacks consciences, lazy, disharmony, undisciplined, dishonest, no value system, limited viewpoint, rigidity, impractical, fears deprivation and loss.

5  -  Five  -  V

Freedom, changes, understanding, versatility, variety, adaptability, curiosity, intelligence, progress, cleverness, life experiences, travel, adventure, non-attachment, sociability, change, upheaval, discord, companionability, release, surrender, freedom-loving, activity, influence, adventurer, sensualist, promoter, natural flair, vivacious, courageous, healthy, sympathetic, motivational, change, idealistic, unconventional, curiosity, magnetic, intellectual, telepathic, experience, pleasure-loving, vitality, visionary, expansion, opportunity, story-telling, imagination, individualism, healing, choice, mercy, kindness, invention, resourceful, magnetic, competitive, learning life lessons through experience.

Rash, irresponsible, dislikes confinement and routine, inconsistent, unreliable, thoughtless, restless, non-committal, inactivity, stagnation, fear of change, rigid in thought, lacks vitality.

6  -  Six  -  VI

Love, harmony, family, home, responsibility, musical talent, sympathy, adjustment, domesticity, guardianship, parenthood, stability, poise, protection, firmness, healing, idealism, balance, justice, conscientiousness, burden-fearing, service, solutions, seeing, responsible, care, teacher, conventional, provider, protector, healer, idealistic, selfless, honest, charitable, faithful, nurturer, truth, order, economy, emotional depth, curiosity, deep love of home and family, humanitarian, service, unselfishness, balance, good provider, peaceful, self-sacrifice, empathy, sympathy, unconditional love, circulation, agriculture, balance, grace, simplicity, ability to compromise, reliable.

Easily-stressed, superiority complex, weak, impractical, submissive, shallowness, restlessness, selfishness, weak-willed, unsupportive.

7  -  Seven  -  VII

Number 7 resonates with the vibrations and energies of the ‘Collective Consciousness’, faith and spirituality, spiritual awareness, spiritual enlightenment, mysticism, intuition and inner-knowing, inner-wisdom, psychic abilities, empathy, the esoteric, inner-selves, deep contemplation, introspection, eccentric, religion, thoughtfulness, understanding of others, natural healer and healing, secrets, myth, ritual, peace, poise, emotions and feelings, inner-strength, endurance and perserverance, persistence of purpose, the ability to bear hardships, quick-wit, the loner, solitary, isolation, long-sighted, the non-conformist, independence and individualism, intentions, manifesting and manifestation in time and space and good fortune.             

Number SEVEN also relates to the attributes of mental analysis, philosophy and philosophical, technicality, scientific research, science, alchemy, genius, a keen mind, specialising and the specialist, the inventor, determination, the written word, logic, understanding, discernment and discerning, knowledge seeking, study, education and learning, writing and the writer, evolution, stability, the ability to set limits, completion, refinement, stoicism, silence, perfection, chastity, dignity, ascetic, rigor, ahead of the times.

Morbid, hypercritical, inactive, anti-social, pessimistic, silent, dependency, depression, stagnant, lack of persistence, pride, narrowness, distance, rigidity, argumentative, temper.

8  -  Eight  -  VIII

Authority, power, material freedom, success, judgement, executive ability, discrimination, management, thoroughness, dependability, self-reliance, success, repose, practicality, consideration, retreat, karma, wisdom, manifesting, abundance, wealth, money, finances, power, riches, status, material, pragmatism, the Ego, provision, aggregation, strength, compassion, dictatorship, delegation, multiples, business, investment, employment, appearance, customs, skills, exchange, reality, world transformation, executive, professional, strength, truth, responsibility, true justice, problem-solver, organiser, achiever, practical, business-like, decisive, controlling, constant, confident, ambitious, authoritarian, self-confident, integrity, challenge, efficiency, dependability, trustworthy, insight, planner, good judgement, sociable, giving and receiving, organisation, stability, works independently, learning through experience, patience, caution, self-discipline, self-sufficient, free-will, discernment, self-discipline, insight, spiritual consciousness, a desire for peace and love for humanity.

8 is linked to Saturn
8 is karma
8 is free-will
8 is responsibility and discernment
8 is true justice

Unimaginative, blunt, self-serving, materialistic, ruthless, obsessive, weak, irresponsible, narrow-mindedness, disorganized, anti-social, selfish, instability, restriction, impractical.

9  -  Nine  -  IX
Universal love, brotherhood/sisterhood, compassion, the humanitarian and humanitarianism, charity, Universal Spiritual Law, magnetism, understanding, sympathy and compassion, romance, generosity, higher perspective, inner-strength, Universal protection, good in public relations, responsible, 'Universal Brotherhood', inner-wisdom, highly intuitive, strength of character, selfishness (learning to say No), humanitarian, creative abilities, sensitive, loyal, forgiving, generalist, multi-talented, teacher, healer, artists, old soul, actor, intelligent, understanding, discreet, brilliant, compassionate, problem-solver, highly intuitive, self-love, freedom, popular, eternity, generous, non-conformist, artistic genius, have a breadth of vision and a wide viewpoint, can be a little eccentric, communicative, influential, philanthropic, duty, calling, soul mission, obligation, mysticism, faith, optimism, Divine wisdom, self-sacrifice, karma, enlightenment, service, compassion, selflessness, high idealism, sympathy, psychic abilities, tolerance, humility, altruism, benevolence, empathy, power, charity, intuition, perfection.

Uncaring, uncommunicative, unreliable, lacks the use of understanding, lack of concern for others, lacks the awareness of intuition, weak concern for the self, lacks sensitivity, self-indulgent,  disloyal, lacks the ability to forgive, detached, lofty, dreamy, lethargic, lacking in concentration, aimless, stress and tension, unreliable, weak willed. 

10  -  Ten  -  X
Leadership, confidence, optimism, energy, independence, creative power and every, success, original, adaptable, individualisation, determination.

The number 10 reduces to the single digit of 1.  The 0 appearing with the number 1 magnifies and amplifies the energies, attributes and vibrations of the number it appears with.

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