Setbacks, delays, postponements, obstacles, design, attempts, wishes, hopes, confidence, quarrelling, a plan leading to failure, annoyance, avoidance, evasion, confrontation, diplomacy, tact, hindrances, escaping from a situation.



61 / 7

Wisdom, Inner-self

28th of October to the 1st of November

7th of February to the 20th of February

The herb Wood Betony is used as a nervine and an aperients. It is useful for all nervous afflictions and conditions.

The Seven of Swords indicates solid development, spiritual perfection, the completion of a cycle, inner-wisdom and the inner-self.

The 7 of Swords suggests that it is sometimes necessary to use evasive tactics and use intelligent, tact and diplomacy, rather than aggression and/or force to achieve the desired result.

The number 7 in relation to the VII of Swords suggests a need to be more open about things that are going on around you at this time.

In its relation to the number 61 / 7, the 7 of Swords tells of the two polarities within the self. It also tells of perfection, the need for silence, leadership and intuition. The number 61 / 7 tells of the need to spend time alone in solitude to enable inner-reflection and contemplation.

7’s appearing in a reading represent a time of solitude and of questioning oneself, with a focus on adjustments and ill-conceived plans. You are asked to be wary of fanciful promises and should look carefully at any situation before making adjustments. You need to remain concentrated and focused at this time and should keep distractions to a minimum.

The 7 of Swords often depicts ‘The Trickster’ and may indicate that things may not work out as planned or expected. You are asked to show some tenacity and boldness in action to bring about your desired result/s. You are encouraged to dare to be bold and brave and take risks at this time.

The VII of Swords may also be implying that you are carrying a heavy load or burden upon your shoulders. You are asked to delegate tasks and responsibilities to others and not to take on other people’s responsibilities for them as this denies them the opportunity to learn the lessons of their own actions in regards to cause and effect.

The 7 of Swords in a spread may indicate that dealings may be dishonest or not straight-forward and direct. It brings a message to be particularly aware of all proceedings and remain cautious.

The VII of Swords implies that we (or others) may feel obligated to behave in ways that are not direct, but which we accept, hoping that the end will justify the means.

The Seven of Swords can carry a message that something you thought lost will be returned to you. This may include the rekindling of friendships and old ties.

The Seven of Swords in a reading can suggest that your plans are not working out as planned, so look for an alternative. If your plan does not work out you should not look to place blame on others, but rather look to yourself for reasons for the failure. It may also indicate that the most likely cause of failure is hasty actions and a lack of focus and concentration.

The 7 of Swords may be warning you that your plans will not work out at this time due to circumstances beyond your control. You may need to look to alternative options or means.

The Seven of Swords tells of upset plans, postponements, delays and cancellations. It is as though everything is going ‘wrong’ around you at the moment.

The VII of Swords implies stealth around someone who attempts to outsmart destiny and evade the consequences of their wrong-doings.

In a reading the 7 of Swords tells of the possibility of tension, arguments, disagreements and misunderstandings within a current situation. The 7 of Swords may also imply that someone is spying or delving into issues that are not their business.

The VII of Swords appearing in a spread may be warning you to be honest and upfront in all your dealings  -  otherwise you will be caught out and this will have detrimental effects on many levels.

The 7 of Swords in a reading may be implying that you may be inclined to ‘take flight’ from a situation, rather than face up to and take the appropriate responsibility and action for find a solution.

The Seven of Swords can also tell of surprise and/or unexpected opportunities.

Next to

When the 7 of Swords appears in a reading next to The Fool it may be indicating that you are currently acting too flippantly and inconsistently and there may a need to be more positive and stable.

Next to the NINE of CUPS:
When the VII of Swords appears next to the 9 of Cups, it is informing you that your wants and desires will come to fruition, but not necessarily as you would expect.

Next to other 7s of any Suit:
The VI of Swords appearing in a spread next to any other Sevens, it is an indication that huge life changes are about to take place in your life. It is a strong indication that you have reached an important point in your life and change is inevitable. It tells of starting over under new or different circumstances. New, favourable conditions abound.

Two Sevens appearing in a spread together warns of false-friends.

Three 7s in a spread often foretells of a pregnancy.

Four Sevens appearing in a reading warns of serious misunderstandings and even verbal abuse.


Confusion, bad timing, loss of concentration, defeat, confusion, disillusion, disappointment, disorganization.

When the Seven of Swords appears reversed in a reading it may be indicating that during a struggle you chose to relax or ignore something at the wrong time, and this results in the other party taking advantage, leaving you confused, deflated and defeated.There may also be a feeling of being blocked into a difficult set of circumstances.

The reversed VII of Swords may be informing you that someone may be offering you some useful advice or a helping hand. It would be wise to listen carefully and heed the advice, or accept the offer of assistance.

The reversed VII of Swords asks you to listen very carefully to some good advice or a well thought out suggestion  -  otherwise you may find yourself in an uncomfortable and/or inappropriate situation or circumstance. 

The Seven of Swords reversed may be foretelling that something may be returned, or will return to you. It may be telling you that something you thought lost to you may finally be found.

When the 7 of Swords appears reversed in a spread you are asked not to allow ‘false pride’ to stand in your way.

The VII of Swords reversed tells of disappointments, upset plans, hindrances and obstacles. It is a message to work at remaining positive, as this may prevent the impact of any disappointments.

The Seven of Swords is a message to be alert, aware and conscious of security issues, as property loss is indicated. Remaining vigilant will prevent this.

When the 7 of Swords appears in a spread reversed it is an indication that current situations and/or circumstances need to be viewed from a different or new perspective, then acted upon appropriately. Priorities and organizing are indicated and must be seriously considered when the 7 of Swords appears reversed.

The reversed VII of Swords reversed warns you not to gloat, as this may lead to loss.

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